Thief Story Trailer Teases The Supernatural

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Rebooting a franchise is sure to make anyone some enemies, and Eidos Montreal has learned that the hard way with Thief. But as important as next-gen stealth and traversal will be for a man as elusive as Garrett, the titular thief, one can’t overlook the importance of story.

With that in mind, the team has unveiled a new cinematic trailer giving a much clearer look at the characters, motivations, and story that will be propelling players through the surrounding revolution, in pursuit of a supernatural mystery.

Many have already pointed out just how much of an uphill battle Eidos Montreal has faced with their reboot of the treasured Thief series, and how much they’ve had to address fan concerns already. Once word first spread that the Thief reboot might be in trouble, even the smallest issues were quickly cited by devoted fans as cause for concern – whether justified or not.

For their part, Eidos Montreal was listening: getting rid of QTEs, an entire XP system, and promising fans that by making the melee combat systems deliberately troublesome, they were encouraging the stealth approach to gameplay that had defined the series in the past.


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