Things Most People Don’t Know About a Dash Cam

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Dash Cam

A dash camera is an excellent and reliable invention that is equipped with the car to record all the road happenings. It helps people when parking since you can see the areas where you reverse the car, plus it can also help you report or avoid an accident as you can comfortably record the movement of the cars behind you. These are some of the everyday things that people know about dash cameras but, there are more to this excellent device that you may not be aware of.

Things most people don’t know about dash camera. 

Lack of Notifications on the Majority of Cameras

When it comes to such gadgets, manufacturers always ensure that the devices are equipped with a notification feature that alerts the users if the battery is low or even when the device has stopped functioning. Well, this is one of the highlights that lack in many dash cameras. The funny thing is that the camera can still show you the happenings of the rear parts, but unfortunately the videos are not captured. Also, some customers have complained about assuming that their dash camera is not working the moment they got into an accident and found no videos had been saved on the device. So, make sure to check out such features when buying your camera.

The Audio Notifications

Each sound that is produced on different devices has their meaning hence the need to pay attention as you may be required to repair it. Some dash cameras give a constant sound when it is in excellent condition but once you start the car or it starts to record the sounds stop. If you realize that the device is still producing these sounds as you move, know that it has a problem that requires fixing. Other devices like Garmin 20 beeps once when the camera starts to record but if it does not beep, check it out as it may have an issue. The other camera that provides beeping notification is MG380G which gives a shrill alarm alert if the SD card is out. If the dash camera does not produce any of the two sounds, then you may consider checking it as it may be having a problem or maybe spoilt. Monitor the sounds that your device produces so you can be able to notice if it sops to function. Check out more dash cameras’ reviews at to see other features that you should look at to identify if the camera is still in good condition.

The LCD Notifications

If you notice that your LCD screen has changed the viewing, know that it has some issues that need to look at. A proper function LCD should still provide bright and clear view even when you are in foggy areas. But, if you find it showing a light that is hard to see and keep on disappearing after a while, know it has an issue, but if you find your LCD showing none of these two features, it may be the time to change it and get a new one.

Aside from providing the best trip recording of your car, a dash camera may also show more features which can either be good or bad for you. So check out the top things that a lot of users don’t know about these devices to help you avoid future problems with the use of the dash camera.


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