Things You Should Know About Android M

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Android M

Search Engine master Google has promised that its new android update Android M is gonna be the greatest thing to the smartphones so far. This post is going to tell you everything you should know about the new Android M.

The Name:

The real name of this update is still a question. You can only guess its new name would be of a dessert or a confectionery just like others. Internet believed that the mystery of M was solved when it saw a milkshake picture at the watch face of VP of Google in engineering. But he started to post different watch faces that have different treats on them that start with ‘M’. So its name is still a mystery.

Looks Identical:

The design of Android M has not changed a lot and it looks very familiar with its predecessor. One obvious change is the scrolling app drawer which is vertical this time. It splits all the apps into groups that are alphabetical. Another top section is added which will show the recently opened applications.

The Doze:

One major change and a very innovative feature that Android M has brought up is called “The Doze”. It has been designed to improve your phone’s battery life using the sensors of your handset and determining if you are using it or not.

For example, if you have left your phone over the dining table, its accelerometer will detect no movement for a long time and will wind down the background processes that Android is running. This will save battery and Google has claimed that the phone will have a double standby time.

Ease of Payment:

Android M also contains Android pay which is basically a direct rival to Apple Pay. This feature will allow you to pay for anything you buy on your phone by tapping the NFC enabled smartphone over any wireless reader of payment. This would support more than 700K shops and stores all over the U.S.

Improved Google Now:

Another major change that Google has done in its new Android is its more efficient Google Now that has more amazing search powers.The context-sensitive smarts of Google Now have been bested that will let you to search within apps as well.

Interactive apps, which can actually talk back to you after you’ve issued a voice command.


The Android M will be supporting USB-C which indicates the evolution of USB-C cables. Since these ports are reversible (Like Apple’s Lightening), with them, you would not have to faff around when you are in dark, stabbing the charging pin until it fits in. With these, the phones will charge five times faster than the micro USB cables and data transfer rate would also be increased.

Release Date:

The release date of Android M has not been announced yet but this tech news is going to break in between now and the start of October.

Currently, there is developer preview that is made for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and the Nexus Player.

Let’s wait and see when this amazing update is going to release.


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