Thinking Of Treating Yourself? Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Most Wanted Tech

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Self-gifting is a practice that has been rising steadily among consumers up by 15% over the last five years. It occurs mostly during the holidays while people are shopping for others, and in the process, they treat themselves to something new. Apart from convenience, self-gifting is also viewed as a reward for yourself or a way to define and communicate identities. If you love technology and would like to gift yourself with the most wanted gadgets or devices, here are some exciting ideas to get you started.


Connected Toys And Robots

Adults buying toys for themselves is nothing new or unusual. From parents looking for suitable gifts for children to adults purchasing games for personal use, the diversity of market offerings for different age groups is tempting. In fact, the NPD Group study observed a 21% rise in the purchase of toys by kidults between 2011 and 2016.

If you like creative and technological pursuits, connected toys and robots are very much in demand. Think of interactive toys powered by an app or connected to the internet. Consider ‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’ that allows you to play Mario Kart at home. Set up tracks all over your house, and play using the Nintendo Switch. You can even do a multiplayer racing game with Mario or Luigi. And if you prefer bikes, get the Upriser Ducati, which is a 1:6 scale replica radio-controlled (RC) sportbike. Perform wheelies and race your Ducati up to 12 miles or 20km per hour. The battery lasts for 45 minutes.


Smart Phones

Nothing beats a new smartphone if you like doing everything with your mobile. The iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini might just be what you need. While the 5G revolution is not yet widespread, Apple lovers are lapping it up, buying the newly unveiled iPhone that received twice as many pre-orders in its first day of sale as last year’s model. Fitted with the 5G support, the new iPhone will enable you to access ultra-fast wireless speed estimated to be 10 or 20 times faster than 4G networks. It also features an OLED display, upgraded cameras, and MagSafe connectivity. The latter uses the magnets in the phone and charger to set up the position that is most efficient for charging. With four different versions to choose from, the iPhone 12 will undoubtedly become the most popular iPhone this year.

Technology is evolving fast, and if you are a fan of the latest developments, you might want to consider rewarding yourself with connected recreational devices and faster smartphones. After all, nobody knows you better than yourself, and giving yourself a treat every now and then is probably well-deserved.


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