Third-Person ARPG Title ABYSS WORLD Announced

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Abyss Studio and Metagame Industries announce their new upcoming title Abyss World. In this game, players will investigate the “Old Tide” in the vast Nornidia land, following its Apocalypse.

In the past, the souls of the world came on the other side of the sea – “Old Tide.” However, with the arrival of the “Fire Thief” event, the Old Tide disappeared and the balance of order was broken. The souls were no longer drawn to the other side. The strange tide sounds drew the Black Tide, which spent all. However, the darkness of that resting place was shed by the light… and the glory story will also begin.

Players take on the role of Nightingale who may be alone and mysterious, yet got powers beyond the reach of normal people and the unique ability to cross the underworld.

Abyss World: Apocalypse doesn’t have a set release date, but it will be released on PC via Steam.

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