This Cool New TacoBot Robot Teach Your Kids How To Code Easily

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RoboSpace has built a new modular robot called the TacoBot specifically created to help teach kids how to code. The stackable design of the coding robot aims to give children a cool and interesting introduction to STEM learning and coding. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more about the RoboSpace robot.

TacoBot has launched via Kickstarter this week and is available to back with early bird pledges available from just £31 or roughly $40 with worldwide shipping expected to take place early in 2019. The development team explained more about the motivation behind the colorful modular smart robot.

“Interest is the key factor for kids to learn. TacoBot possesses over 30 different gameplay, which ensures the kids’ endless interest for STEM learning. All the gameplay is developed based on a unique interaction: stacking. So that the robot is simple and cool. Meanwhile, it guarantees the kids an obstacle-free journey to play TacoBot, even though they are just preschoolers.”

TacoBot comes complete with over 30 various games to better teach children to code and has been designed for children in the ages of 4 and 8. Offering pushbutton and graphical programming. Click the link below for more information.


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