This Death Stranding Cosplay Even Got The Little Details Right

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Death Stranding Cosplay

Death Stranding cosplays are common in the wild, but this new video really got something fresh and it even got the place it was shot look just like the desolate future America from the game.

This is Japanese cosplayer Raxy, who through the course of this video manages an outfit change, a lot of walking, miles, and miles of package delivery, and even a cutscene action towards the end.

The video was made by Rescue The Princess!, and as I already said, the location for this shoot is the cherry on top of a cake, It is brilliant and the details on the cosplay are just perfect, check out the video below.

Now about the location, the video was shot on the island of Oshima, which rests just off the coast of Japan, near Tokyo. While around 8000 people live on Oshima, it’s just a volcano coming out of the ocean, and with two eruptions that have taken place in the last 60 years, that’s had an impact on the neighboring countryside of the island.

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