This Game Boy is Mining Cryptocurrency And Will Mine a Bitcoin After the Earth is Destroyed

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Game Boy

This is overkill and some agency should talk about this injustice with the innocent Game Boy, which is put to hard labor.

The 8-bit handheld gaming console isn’t a rockstar at Bitcoin mining. But it does mine, slowly, very slowly.

The Sun will turn into a red giant and destroy the Earth in about five billion years. This Game Boy will be able to mine a Bitcoin block just in time… perhaps a couple of quadrillion years? The innocent portable 8-bit console first released in 1989 and is not much of a mining rig, and by the time it nets a complete hash the solar system as we know it will be gone.

YouTube channel stacksmashing gave it a shot, and I have to say watching someone turn a childhood favorite into a small mining machine is very satisfying to watch despite being doomed from the start—even with gaming’s difficult relationship with cryptocurrency mining today.

The key to the Game Boy’s mining capacity actually is because of the Raspberry Pi Pico, a low-cost and tiny Pi board that can set you back as small as $4. Since the Game Boy has no way to interact with the Bitcoin network, the Pico will take care of that. A qualified Link Cable connects the Game Boy to the Pico and the Pico connects to a PC.

Add in a transformed Game Boy cartridge with a USB flash drive onboard packed with the essential mining ROMs and away you go.

Bitcoin is almost completely mined by ASICs, or Application Specific Integrated Circuits nowadays, not GPUs. These are now available with hash rates upwards of 100TH/s, with the Antminer S19 Pro managing 110TH/s.

The modded Game Boy will manage 0.8H/s off its minuscule Sharp LR35902 CPU. That’s hashes per second and not mega hashes per second.

The S19 Pro eats up 3,250W, though, so the Game Boy’s four AA batteries may make it just a bit less power-hungry. It’s not very useful, though.


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