This Guy Finished Elden Ring In Under 37 Minutes

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Elden Ring

Experienced Dark Souls gamer Distortion2 continues to set new speedrunning records in Elden Ring. He has now defeated Elden Ring in under 37 minutes, which could perhaps be the new record for the quickest completion time.

In a video posted earlier today, Distortion2 was able to finish Elden Ring in just 36 minutes and 20 seconds. While the speedrunning community and categories around Elden Ring are still developing, it’s thought that this is the fastest “Any%” speedrun of the recently released RPG.

Because this is an “Any%” run, Distorition2 isn’t needed to complete all the steps, get all the runes or do anything else that is needed to move through the game. The main objective in these types of runs is to just get to the end and get to the credits as quickly as possible using any method and maneuvers you can.

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