This is Not Real Tokyo, This is Fictional Japanese City Made In MINECRAFT

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Since the Minecraft released seven years ago, players from young kids to adults have been astonishingly creative in making the game’s world. However, nothing beats this realistic creation of Sayama City, which is a fictional Japanese city made completely in the game.

At first glance, images of Sayama City can easily deceive people that they are looking at actual real-life photos of Tokyo, which goes to show how accurate and realistic this Minecraft city is. The images were uploaded by a Twitter account named Sayama_City (via Kotaku), which has been uploading pictures of the project since 2015. Given all the attention that the fictional city is getting right now, it is expected that the creators of Sayama will upload more updates soon.

Check out the images of the project below by Twitter user Sayama_City:

Source: Kotaku


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