This Mashup STAR WARS Sculpture of Ahsoka Tano and C-3PO

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STAR WARS Sculpture

Check out this Star Wars character mashup. This sculpture is a mashup of classic Star Wars characters Ahsoka Tano and C-3PO.

This character design was made by artist Gabriel Dishaw, which was approved by the site Fandom as part of its “For the Love of Fans” contest. It’s explained by io9 that the reason the artist decided on these characters is not just because of their connection to Anakin, but also because “he’d already done a C-3PO and the Lucasfilm character Ahsoka Tano is the most searched about on Fandom.”

This sculpture is what the winner of the contest will get. If you want to enter, fans need to post some kind of story, photo, or video about their Star Wars fandom either on Instagram or Twitter and tag @getfandom with the hashtag #fortheloveoffans by October 4 at 12am.

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