This Smart Hammer That Auto-Dispenses Its Own Nails

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Smart Hammer

Freelance automotive and product designer Michael David Young has given his six years perfecting the design of his amazingly smart “Hammer with Collated Nail Dispenser“. This unique framing hammer, which is 3D printed, quickly and automatically provides its own nails as it strikes downward on a hard surface. Young shared that he had finally gotten the hammer to a point where he could sell it to larger tool companies, but sadly, the companies were hitting hard financial times.

Smart Hammer

This is my mad scientist project for the past 6 years. I finally got it to work after many many prototypes, got my provisional patent and shopped it around to the big tool companies. Two companies had serious interest, and I got one big offer from one.. which slowly eroded and then fell apart as their department was purchased and downsized. Here’s to many more inventions and ideas for us all!

Check it out in action in the video below.

photos and images by Michael David Young

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