THQ Nordic Have Some Amazing News For you

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The CEO of THQ Nordic shared some amazing news in an announcement to investors:

A new Saints Row game is in the works which is under the supervision of Volition, a part of the Deep Silver studios. The last game in the franchise was way back in 2013, so fans of this fun and the insane franchise will be pleased to know that another game is in the works.

Dead Island 2, which has gone through rough times in development over the years, has been handed over to Dambuster Studios, who lead the effort the bring the sequel to life. The original game released back in September of 2011, so it’s been quite a while since the zombie-slaying series has graced the TV screens of gamers worldwide. 

And, most shockingly, THQ Nordic also revealed that one of the creators of TimeSplitters, Steve Ellis, has joined their team in order to make the new game of the franchise. The company purchased the intellectual rights to the franchise last year, but there hasn’t been mention of the game franchise until now. It’s some amazing news for fans of the TimeSplitters games. The last game released on the PS2, Xbox and the GameCube, but it has some amazing cult following. The unique multiplayer experience was much appreciated by the fans.

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