Three Reasons you Need a Mobile Card Reader

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Mobile Card Reader

When it comes to shopping just about anywhere, convenience is king. Most people don’t want to spend any more time than what’s necessary to pick up their groceries or other shopping errands. Along with the desire for convenience for customers comes one of the most hated aspects of shopping, lines at the register. In many cases, lines are usually not too bad most of the time, but if you’re going shopping at the grocery store after five, or you’re trying to shop anywhere in the months leading up to Christmas, good luck getting in and out of the store in a decent amount of time. Out of all the time and money-saving devices invented by the human race, one of the most recent is beginning to take hold in stores and businesses across the nation. Mobile credit card readers are beginning to proliferate throughout the world, offering both businesses and customers a new avenue with which they can do business with each other. In most cases, these mobile credit card readers come along with an upgrade to an entirely mobile point of sale system that utilizes an iPad or other tablet PC to replace the traditional, legacy cash register terminals. When combined with the shift to a fully mobile POS system, these small handheld credit card readers will make everyone’s shopping experience a whole lot better.

Customer Convenience

One of the biggest advantages to a mobile credit card reader is the convenience it provides customers and employees. With a traditional, legacy POS terminal, when a customer wanted to check out they had to find the terminal and wait in line until either an employee showed up, or the cashier had finished checkout out all the other customers. With a mobile card reader, an employee can wander throughout the store helping customers with whatever they might need while using their tablet POS to look up items or check prices; when a customer decides they are ready to check out, instead of needing to find the cashier terminal, the employee can check out the customer right then and there without any lines or hassle. But mobile readers don’t just provide convenience in a regular store environment, according to Times Free Press, taxicab drivers are beginning to use the devices, this can allow weekend partiers who have spent all their cash at bars and nightclubs to still get a safe cab ride home instead of attempting to drive themselves.

Easy to Use and Affordable

Using a traditional credit card reader does have its own advantages, they can process credit, debit, and gift cards and some can process checks, according to True Merchant. But they usually require a monthly service fee to keep the operating contract open, unlike mobile readers which don’t have any setup fees or monthly contract fees. Mobile devices are much easier to use as all you need to do is plug it into a phone or tablet and start swiping credit cards to accept payments. They are incredibly affordable as well; they can come as a part of a larger POS package that can be purchased from sites like Shopify or they can be bought separately, for under $20. Thanks to their easy setup, they provide an excellent method for vendors who are constantly on the move. They are also excellent for businesses that set up booths at events, shows, farmers’ markets, and other local festivities.

Online Bookkeeping

When you use a mobile card reader, you usually need to set up a merchant account of some kind. Depending upon what brand of device you buy that account might be a full-blown merchant account system or it might just be a plug and use account that directly deposits the transaction payment to your bank account, after subtracting a small fee of course. But the true glory of these merchant accounts regardless of how advanced or simple they are comes in their online recordkeeping features. According to Construction Executive, the online recordkeeping capabilities of these services make your financial bookkeeping incredibly easy as they will send you professionally done reports and consistent online statements to help you keep track of all your transactions. These services come free of charge with any level of merchant account.

Mobile card readers make it so much easier to not just run a business but to be a customer in a business as well. The convenience, affordability, and ease of use make these devices a must-have for any small business owner. Even for a large, franchised, brand name store, mobile card readers can improve the quality of work-life for employees while improving the shopping experience of all their customers. When searching for a mobile card reader for a small business though, make sure to look into what the merchant account offers, it’s best to find a provider that will supply you with a fully comprehensive, professional account that gives you control over all aspects of your business.


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