Three Ways to Improve Your PC Gaming Experience

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You may be fond of playing PC games to unwind after a long day at work. But most of your days spent gaming with your desktop may have turned out to be crappy at best. You might even consider looking for another pastime.

You can change your PC gaming experience though by doing these three ways to improve it:


  1. Invest in proper gaming hardware. 

You may have thought all along that you can play just about any PC game with a standard desktop computer that you own. But at the same time, game developers and designers often aim to make the graphics of their creations as close to how you see things in real life as possible. So even if you’ve managed to successfully install one in your ordinary desktop, you might find yourself suffering from loading and performance issues the second you try to open it.

To avoid going through those problems, you’ll need to get something with a built-in graphics card specially designed for gaming.

Aside from a dedicated PC, you should also invest in the following essential hardware for gaming:


  • Headset

You’ll have to buy a proper gaming headset. But with so many models to choose from, getting yourself one can be a challenge. Thankfully, PC Gaming Corner had listed down ten of the best gaming headsets that are currently available in the market and which should make picking one easier for you.

  • Monitor 

Even if your PC has a graphics card made specifically for gaming use, you’ll want any game you play there to render as fluidly as possible. You can’t afford to have stuttering occur while playing.

Getting yourself a gaming monitor is more than just ensuring whichever like to play will display great. You’ll also need to note the following considerations when buying one:


  • Resolution and size

You can make do with a monitor whose maximum size is 24 inches and can support a game resolution of 1080p if you only do casual PC gaming. But if you plan to compete as a professional gamer someday, you’ll want to buy a monitor with a maximum size of 32 inches and can support a game resolution of 1440p.

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  • Type of LCD panel 

If you want a quicker response, you should buy a gaming monitor with a twisted nematic LCD. But if you look for better viewing angles while playing a particular game and you have enough budget to spare, you can consider buying a gaming monitor with an in-plane switching LCD panel instead.


  • Refresh rate 

Your gaming monitor refreshes every second. The higher your gaming monitor’s refresh rate is, the more fluid the display of your game will be.

Gaming monitor manufacturers usually express the refresh rate of their products in Hz (or Hertz). Aim for one that has a 144Hz rate if you only plan to use it for playing. But if you also happen to work as a freelance graphic designer or professional animator, you’ll want to have a gaming monitor with 240Hz.


  • Monitor-to-PC connection 

You’ll then need to connect your gaming monitor to your PC. But out of the four monitor-to-PC connections currently in existence, you’ll only need to choose between two, namely HDMI (or High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and DisplayPort.

If you plan to play only with 1080p resolution, a gaming monitor with an HDMI port should do just fine. But for higher-resolution games, you should get yourself one with a DisplayPort interface instead.


  • Adaptive sync technology 

Aside from stuttering, another common issue that you might encounter is screen tearing wherein two different frames occupy a single one resulting in a horizontally disjointed display.

Two of the leading graphics card manufacturers, AMD and Nvidia, had come up with adaptive sync technologies of their own – FreeSync and G-Sync, respectively – to address screen tearing.

  • Keyboard and mouse 

You can generally play with a regular keyboard and mouse. But if you want to achieve a gamer aesthetic, you should consider getting a gaming counterpart.

When anyone crashes into your place and sees that your keyboard has backlights and your mouse looks jagged compared to a normal one, they might perceive you as a serious PC gamer which can earn you cookie points as gaming culture has become an accepted part of the mainstream.


  • Cooling system 

Playing for hours can cause your gaming desktop to overheat. You’ll need a cooling system in place so that your PC won’t go bust. You can opt to cool your PC with either a computer fan or a water cooling kit.

Don’t attempt to build a PC unless you’ve already had any previous experience with it. Buying a premade one is better as you can save money compared to fishing for PC parts and trying to assemble them only for your entire DIY rig to not work at all.


  1. Consider installing 

When you finish playing from start to end, and it grew on you over time until it became your favorite, you might find it hard to move on to another title. Fortunately for you, some development enthusiasts tweak specific titles as a hobby and put them out for public consumption as mods. The said tweaks range from minor ones such as adding a new menu option to overhauls such as entirely new missions and levels.

If your game has a mod, install it right away. You might start seeing the entire game itself in a new light compared to when you played its original version. In case you’re wondering, making mods of PC games isn’t illegal at all as long as whoever does it isn’t making any profit out of it.


  1. Clean it 

You may have the most impressive setup ever. But if you fail to clean your rig, dust can settle inside it, and your gaming desktop might perform slower than usual or even suddenly crash as a result.

Unplug your desktop from its power outlet, bring it outside your room, and open its CPU case. If it has a dust filter, remove it and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. For hard-to-reach areas, spray a can of compressed air to get rid of any accumulated dust there more easily.



The number of active PC gamers all over the world is expected to reach up to 1.4 billion by 2021. It only goes to show that it has become a popular pursuit for a lot of people with access to a desktop. You may be one of those billions, though you can’t help but get frustrated most of the time when your computer suddenly crashes right in the middle.

Instead of lashing out at your desktop for ruining your mood, you should apply the three ways listed above that aim to improve your PC gaming experience. You deserve to enjoy your favorite computer game after all.



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