TIMBERBORN Beaver City Building Game is a Steam Top Seller

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Timberborn is set when human civilization ended and the beavers have taken over the world. Like most settlement building games, you collect resources, guarantee that your residents have houses and fed, and expand your city. But Timberborn gives an essential addition that most other games don’t: adorable beavers with cute tails. According to the Steam reviews and the trailer, they can even swim in the rivers. Having to keep beaver inhabitants alive adds an extra layer of high narrative stakes.

The trailer revealed a gardening mechanic, forestry, industry, tall buildings, and the ability to terraform the planet using bombs. True to beaver originality, you can build unique dams, waterways, canals, and floodgates. If you need metal, then you to find it from the fallen human ruins. While there don’t seem to be any natural predators in the post-apocalyptic landscape, the city is under continuous threat from seasonal droughts and attacking beaver factions. That type of circumstance is pretty bad when the whole settlement is built out of timber. If the beavers are going to do better than the humans they outlived, then they can’t reproduce the same sustainability mistakes.

The game looks very good and has the potential for a game in its early access stage. While many Steam reviewers have criticized that an in-development game lacks content, there have been no problems with the level of polish. One player stated that “[Timberborn is] a fun zen game, where you just create stuff and enjoy looking at the beavers go ham.” Frankly, that’s all that a game with a beaver settlement premise needs. The trailer itself feels entertaining, and there’s inherent comedy in watching beavers create complex societies. Maybe beavers are better engineers than we humans were.

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