Tiny Houses Are Coming to The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 tiny houses

The tiny homes fashion has calmed down for the most part, at least compared to many years ago when it looked like all TV channel had its own show about people moving into tiny houses or remodeled vans or transform cargo containers into homes. But in The Sims 4, it looks like the fashion of tiny homes is just about to start off. A trailer for The Tiny Living Stuff Pack has arrived, showing elegant yet little homes that hold 100 tiles or fewer.

In addition to a cute and cozy little house, players who create or buy tiny homes will have to pay less money on bills—as in real life, heating a mansion costs a ton while living in a cubicle needs far less energy. I can only hope it will be a test designing a tiny house, though—your Sims still need to be able to get about and use everything, and that can be difficult to manage even in a normal-sized Sims 4 home. Space-saving features like Murphy beds are shown. One seems to tragically kill a Sim.

I’m sure your Sims will do amazing with this new update, though. It appears the Tiny Living Stuff Pack will contain quantities of new and small furniture and clothing. The Pack will be released on January 21.

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