Tiny USB Fingerprint Scanner Easily Adds Extra Security To Your Computer

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Tiny USB Fingerprint Scanner Easily Adds Extra Security To Your Computer

Simply insert the tiny fingerprint scanner into any spare USB port to add an extra layer of security to your desktop or laptop computer.

The USB fingerprint scanner is equipped with AES-256 encrypted with a unique identifier per device for two-level authentications and has been constructive from aircraft-grade aluminum and finished with a hard-anodized coating.

It’s compatible with both PC and Mac systems and is available to back over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website with pledges starting from just $79. Its creators explain a little more:

“Every person is the world has a different fingerprint. So you already own a unique key, and we provide a fitting lock. To break it down, when you use iTouch ID for the first time it captures an image of your fingerprint and stores only the analysis data of the print but never the actual image. When you use it again, to access your accounts, it compares parameters of your fingerprint with the template, and if they match, lets you pass. No hacker in the world can get access to your fingerprint – because the image is not stored! 

iTouch ID is capable of being the front line of defense for your laptop’s operating system, acting as the main password alternative. It also can manage multiple passwords to your accounts, and automatically log you into your favorite social networks, messaging clients, and any other programs or websites. It even can lock and unlock files and folders on your computer, you just have to set a setting, and iTouch ID will follow. Basically, every situation where you would previously need a password can now be resolved with iTouch ID.”

For more information on the new iTouch ID fingerprint scanner jump over to the Kickstarter website for details via the link below.



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