Tip Your Favourite Twitch Streamers With PayPal

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Now you can tip your favorite streamer on Twitch with PayPal. Viewers can purchase things like “Bits” which they can use to tip streamers, instead of giving them cash.

But now Twitch has announced a new way to purchase Bits with the famous cash portal PayPal.

Twitch says, “If you are in the US or one of the EU countries listed below, you can buy Bits on any Twitch channel that has Bits enabled by clicking the ‘Get Bits’ button above the video player. Once you select the bundle you want to buy, you will be able to choose PayPal as a payment method.”

Twitch points out the benefits of using PayPal to send Bits, by letting us know, “Bits still provides chargeback protection for the streamer whether they were purchased via PayPal or another method.” However, using PayPal to tip Twitch streamers isn’t new. There were already streamers who would ask for donations that can be made through PayPal. Now it is just official. Anyway, if you prefer using PayPal for your purchases, this option will be a good choice for you. Since Twitch introduced its tipping system, it has reportedly made streamers $5.9 million collectively. That’s nothing to sneeze at.


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