Tips For Beginners To Use Instagram For More Reach!

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On Instagram, you can choose whether you want to make your profile public or private. You can also change it at any time. Private means: Only people whom you confirm as contact can see your pictures. Public means: Everyone can see your pictures. My experience: I hardly ever follow private profiles because I can’t see what kind of pictures this person is posting.

Do I like pictures?

  • Do I like the topics this person posts pictures about?
  • Do I even care about the profile?
  • Private profiles are therefore only suitable if you share private (children’s) pictures or if you generally only want to have selected friends as followers. The motto is public profile! For companies anyway.


One or more?

It has been proven that single-topic accounts work better than a “cabbage-and-beet account”. Such specialized profiles often have a rapid growth in followers.

Some examples of hot topics

Interior / Scandinavian Interior, DIY, fitness, (Vegan) food, Quotes, Gardening, Fashion, Selfies to travel, motivation

But you can also discover career and business profiles on Instagram. For example, specifically on the subject of “Marketing Tips for Instagram”:


Instagram pictures

Which filter should you use? Clearly: preferably NONE. The days of Instagram filtering are definitely over. It is better to edit the images using the “Functions” button, for example

Brightness, Image detail, Contrast, and Sharpness to optimize. In general, the images should all be kept in the same style. Your profile will appear coherent and potential followers will subconsciously recognize that all pictures of you are here. Even if you take part in challenges (more on this below), make sure that you choose a picture for the repost that fits your profile well in terms of style. If a picture is poor, blurred, or underexposed, don’t post it. Even a few bad pictures give the impression that someone is just posting snapshots here quickly. And the majority do not want to see such loveless pictures.

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