Tips To Get You Started Anno 1800 Land of Lions

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Land of Lions

The Land of Lions is a brilliant DLC, and it comes with a great storyline and lots of new production items and characters, It is one of the best DLC for Anno 1800. You will get to meet lots of people in the new expansion pack

So here we have some tips to get started in Land of Lions!

– The expedition opens at 500 artisans. I recommend using the Great Eastern if you have it opened in the save you are adding the DLC too and want to search everything on the way. You’ll need the extra space while you journey there! A cargo ship or Extravaganza Steamer will also work. If you just want to go to Enbesa and don’t care about exploring, a sailing clipper is fine.

– You don’t need to bring any old-world building supplies to the new area. No steel beams, timber, clay, etc that you may have seen people stocking upon. Everything you need to create with and get up to the second tier will all be available in Enbesa.

– Things that will be required from other regions…. cotton, glass, tobacco, spectacles, raw wood. You don’t do any of this, though, until later in the second tier of citizens.

– Enbesa itself is reasonably inexpensive to get going in. Production chains are very cheap for the most part and consumption isn’t very steep.

– There is only one neutral trader in the region. He will sell you Wanza Wood and, later, mud bricks for building materials. They are VERY cheap to buy so easy to supplement your building material needs with.

– There are a lot of side quests, searching and clicking things on the islands. It will take good 8 hours of yours, but I recommend you do. You can get some very fine rewards in the form of buffs to various industries or citizens on your islands.

– There are decisions to be made… lots of decisions. Just about every storyline has one or more decisions options. Your decisions in these matters have a big impact on the region and how your story advances, so don’t aimlessly click through them.

– Each island has a short number of river slots that are used for canal opening points, clay mines, and paper mills. Use them carefully. Import clay from the old world or new world if required.

– Canals are difficult to figure out how to place perfectly. Each 1×1 canal tile generates a 4×4 grid of irrigated ground in each direction from the canal (so a 9×9 total area) that your farms must be placed on. Each canal can have a peak of 250 canal tiles created. I have several layouts I played around with, but surely will be a trick to get a perfect layout going.

– Animal farms don’t need to be on fertile ground, but if they are, then their production is boosted by 100%. If you add a silo you can get an extra 100%. That is a 300% return on an animal farm.

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