Tips to Improve Wi-Fi Signal

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When you want to watch one of your favorite series online, does the connection slow down and the image freeze? If you go away from the router and go to your room, do you lose the Wifi signal? Many people suffer the same problems and do not know how to solve them or think that it is a normal situation. Follow the following tips and you will be able to improve the speed for the emission and reception of Wifi data from your home.

When the internet works fast in the living room but in your room or kitchen the signal is very bad, the solution may be to change the location router. Placing it on shelves or in a closed room with multiple walls prevents the signal from traveling fast. The best thing is that you look for a place that is in the center of your house and without too many obstacles nearby. As this device transmits waves, like the cell phone or the radio, any object can interfere with its travel. Try to place it in height and in the sector of the house that you will use it the most (the signals that the router emits expand downwards and also to the sides). Appliances like microwaves and cordless phones can cut the connection. You better keep them away from your chosen location. Or…you might need to use a special tool such as Ultra WiFi.


Choose another connection channel

If you live in a multi-apartment building or the neighbors near your house have their routers close to yours, it is very likely that your network is located on the same band channel as other people’s. This makes the Internet connection worse and the data transmission speed decreases. To solve this problem, you just have to enter the configuration of your router from a browser and change it to a channel that is not occupied by other users. Currently, there is a wide variety of applications to know which bands are busy and which are the best to increase the coverage of your Wifi.


Hire a better Internet plan

If you contracted the most basic Internet plan offered by your local operator and in your house, there are many devices using that connection, it is very likely that they all work slowly. When the rest of your family members are downloading music, watching movies online or updating the latest version of the operating system, the speed decreases considerably (no matter the channel you have chosen or the location of the Router). In these cases, the only way to improve the Wi-Fi signal is to invest a little more money and sign up for a plan with faster connection speeds.


Signal repeater

It is useless to locate the router in a central space if you live in a house with many floors or wide walls. The signal will not reach the rooms located on a different floor than the device with the same intensity. A good option to solve this problem is to install a Wifi repeater. You can buy it in most appliance stores and just connect it to the router using an Ethernet cable (it is the one commonly used to link all the devices that make up a local network). This device will take care of forwarding the signal to the most remote computers and devices.


Improve your security

Many new hackers know how to decrypt the passwords that cable companies give their users when they sign up for different internet plans. In the event that you have tried all the previous solutions and your connection continues slow, it is very likely that someone is stealing your Wifi. To avoid this situation, change your password from the router settings and block the users that appear on your network. In addition, you can register the MAC addresses – Medium Access Control – so that only the users you decide can connect (there are many tutorials on the Internet for you to learn how to do it).

Thank you for reading and hope this article is useful.

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