Tips to Improve Your PC Gaming Skills

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Despite the prevalence of console gaming, the number of PC gamers around the world is growing. PC gaming offers access to thousands and thousands of games, many that will only cost a few dollars. However, for people just getting started with PC gaming, using a mouse and keyboard can be tough. This is especially true if you are used to a controller. With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few different tips to improve your skills when it comes to PC gaming.


Wear Headphones or a Gaming Headset

In order to truly experience all that a video game has to offer, you need to enjoy both the visual and audio aspects. In addition to helping you be more immersed in the game, audio can also impact how good at games you are. Footsteps, voices, and other audio cues are very present in most games, and paying attention to them can help you play better.

While good speakers can help in the audio department, there is no substitution for a decent pair of gaming headphones. Also, you likely don’t want to keep your neighbors or family up all night with speakers blaring.

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Have the Right Equipment and Peripheries

While your own reaction time, skills, and hand-eye coordination help you be a better gamer, so does the actual equipment you use. Not all equipment is created equally, so investing in better equipment can net you better results. You should consider a quality PC with a good graphics card, a comfortable chair, a bright monitor, and a high-quality gaming mouse.

While this can be quite expensive to get all the new equipment, it will surely help you play better. Also, you can just get one new piece of equipment every now and then and build up your arsenal over time. You would be shocked at how much a new mouse, keyboard, or even a mousepad can help you out.

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Customize Your Controls

While this isn’t true for every video game out there, many games allow you to mess with the controls. This includes things like sensitivity, key binding and so much more. When you start with a new game, you might just decide to go with the pre-programmed controls. However, this could actually hurt your success.

What you should do instead is to take a few minutes and go over the available customization and see what works the best for you. Find a sensitivity that works best for the game you play, and match the actions to the keys that make the most sense. This is a change that not many people will actually do, but one that can offer a whole lot of benefits.


Watch Streamers or Professionals

One of the best ways to learn something or get better at something is to watch someone who is very good at it. Thankfully, watching great gamers is incredibly easy nowadays thanks to sites like Twitch. There are over 100 thousand people making money on their streams, and many of them are incredibly good at the games they play. There are over 100 thousand people making money on their Twitch streams, and many of them are incredibly good at the games they play.

Simply watching someone play a game like Fortnite or PUBG can provide you a ton of information that can help improve your own gameplay. You can learn the tactics they like, the weapons they prefer, their preferred key binds, and much more. There are also thousands of Youtube videos all about video game tips and tricks. 


Avoid Getting Emotional or Angry

When playing video games, it is completely normal to get upset or frustrated at times. An unfortunate move or failing a level can really put a damper on your gaming session. While we all break this rule sometimes, it is generally a good idea to try to keep a level head when playing video games.

Getting angry can ruin any sort of strategy you might be trying to implement during your gameplay. In order to play your best, you need to remain neutral and focused on the task at hand. Think of it like sports. In sports, no matter how the game is going, staying calm, cool, and collected is always a good idea.


Practice, Practice and More Practice

Of course, arguably the single best way to improve at a video game (whether PC or otherwise), is to practice. The more time you play a game, the better you will get at it. You will learn maps better, get a better hold on the controls, and just become more comfortable in the world.

However, in addition to practicing, you should also try and grow your skill base. Play different ways to see if they work better, use new weapons, or try anything else that might take you to the next level. Plus, changing up your style of play can make for more fun, as well.

Hopefully, this article has been able to help you increase your PC gaming skills. Of course, different games require different skills, but these tips should help with all different types of games.


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