Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass

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Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass

Tipsy is a wine tasting glass designed to help you experience wine with all your senses. Its shape is functional and aesthetic.

The titled glass allows you to see the color of the wine without the glass distorting it. It directs the aroma of the wine towards you, allowing you to fully smell it while it swirls. With Tipsy, you can swirl the glass in two ways: by holding it from its neck and angling it slightly up and then using the movement of your wrist or by holding it from its base.

How it’s made:

Tipsy is hand blown out of molten glass on a hot furnace over 1112°F. Hand blown glass is one of the oldest techniques of glass production. Our manufacturers in Slovenia have many years of experience in working with glass and are able to accomplish astonishing precision with only hand tools.


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