Stern says Respawn Entertainment began development on Titanfall 2 in late 2014, but he wasn’t sure if the game will launch later this year or early next year. For its part, EA has confirmedTitanfall 2 is scheduled to arrive in its fiscal 2017, which runs April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

The writer also says the multiplayer in Titanfall 2 will be “even better,” adding that he thinks the game will see a multiplatform release as it’s been previously suggested. The first game was only available on Xbox consoles and PC.

Stern went on to say that because the first Titanfall didn’t have a proper story mode, players didn’t get all the answers they were looking for.

“One of the shortcomings of the first game was we just did not have the mechanism to tell everyone ‘Here’s who you are, here’s where you are and who’s around you,'” Stern said. “We knew all the answers, we just could not deliver it.”

The story for Titanfall 2 will focus on “grand colonial warfare” that basically equates to a retelling of the American Revolution and the America Civil War, but in space, Stern said.

“We imagined the next generation of immigrants moving out to the new frontier of an inhabitable planet,” he said. “Rather than taking a traditional sci-fi approach to that we wanted to look at how that would happen practically, what the ships would look like and with machines that were designed for excavation and construction , demolition and working the land, and what happens when they are turned into instruments of war. What inspires us is the junction of technological advancement with the inevitability of conflict and war and what the next war might look like. In Titanfall 2 there will be a lot of [scenes] where science meets magic, but keeping it grounded and dirty and human and real.”

Stern reveals that a Titanfall spinoff TV show is in the works with Lionsgate TV, the television arm of the Hunger Games production company. Stern worked as a writer on NCIS for five seasons and a pair of pilots that didn’t materialize.

Details are light on the Titanfall TV show, and it sounds like early days for it overall. Stern cautions that such a project “would be very expensive,” in part because of the source material. “We are trying to find a way to tell a story in the worlds we want to be in and produce in the TV model,” he said.