TMNT Pizza Cutter and Spatula Set Looks Awesome

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TMNT Pizza Cutter

They are the most famous and lovable pizza-eating ninjas and we love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The four turtles are regularly eating yummy food and now you can be like them. You can head on over to ThinkGeek to buy the officially licensed TMNT Pizza Cutter and Spatula Set for your very own pizza nights with friends. Whether you make pizza yourself or order it, a pizza cutter is always the handiest thing to have. There are lots of times the pizza I ordered wasn’t cut right and this pizza cutter would be ideal for fixing the store’s blunders. The spatula will help you serve the pizza when it’s hot and right out of the oven without burning your fingers.

Both the cutter and the spatula feature handles that match the weapons on the TMNT weapons which are a very cool thing. The cutter and spatula set cost about $30 at ThinkGeek, get yours today.

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