Todd Howard Reveals the Reason Behind Starfield’s Lack of Land Vehicles

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Navigating the vast expanse of the Starfield universe has been a topic of fervent discussion since the game’s early access release. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Todd Howard of Bethesda shed light on the intricacies of space travel within Starfield.

In response to a fan query regarding the absence of land vehicles in the game, Todd Howard provided insights into the team’s decision-making process. While the inclusion of land vehicles had been considered, ultimately, it was a choice that was discarded. The rationale behind this decision lies in the impact that vehicles would have on gameplay dynamics:

“Once you introduce vehicles, it fundamentally alters the gameplay. By emphasizing that once players disembark from their spacecraft, they are on foot, it allows us to meticulously curate the player’s experience and control the pace at which they encounter the universe.”

So, while land vehicles are conspicuously absent, players are not left without means of mobility. Indeed, Starfield equips players with a powerful tool: their spaceship for interstellar journeys and, on planetary surfaces, a versatile jetpack that can be upgraded for enhanced maneuverability.

In essence, Bethesda’s choice to eschew land vehicles in favor of on-foot exploration boils down to a desire to encourage players to savor the intricacies of each planet and the myriad quests they have to offer. This decision underscores the studio’s commitment to crafting a deliberate and immersive experience for all Starfield enthusiasts.

The interview also featured Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, who delved into the publishing and distribution aspects of Starfield’s launch. With the clip clocking in at around five minutes, it offers valuable insights into the perspectives of both Phil and Todd concerning the game and its eagerly anticipated release. It’s a must-watch for anyone eager to glean more information about the upcoming adventure that awaits in the cosmos of Starfield.

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