TONOR TC-777 Microphone Review

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In this age of streaming and podcasts, Mics are an important part of professionals who are attached to the digital media industry, Meet TC-777 which is an entry-level mic but comes deliver big on performance it is a general-purpose, plug-and-play USB microphone and it comes with a beautiful and practical mic with a shock mount, a pop filter, all in all in the package you will get what you need to start broadcasting.


What’s comes in the box

  • The microphone
  • The tripod stand
  • The shock mount with built-in pop filter
  • A foam cover
  • A manual
  • A service card

Hardware specifications

  • Polar Pattern:  Cardioid
  • Sampling Rate: 44.1KHz/16Bit
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-16KHz
  • Sensitivity: -38dB±3dB
  • USB Cable Length: 59 inches
  • Height of Mic in the Shock Mount: 10 inches
  • Weight of Everything:  11.6 ounces
  • Port:  USB-A 2.0



The TC-777 is a little, lightweight mic with a plastic body that comes with a metal grille and a built-in USB cable. The body is created with a cobalt blue color with a silver TONOR logo that looks brilliant.

Most of the other parts are also made of plastic, which makes it so light.  The stand legs and the pop filter are both made of metal, so it is rugged as you expected. The design looks perfect and it looks brilliant on the desk, it is gorgeous to look at and very practical.



TC-777 mic is very simple to install and you can get it going in a few minutes, connect the stand to the mic and you are ready to go. Install the pop filter, you can easily plug it in and you are ready to go. It can be used with Apple, LINUX, and Windows PC. It supports the PS4 which makes it liked by podcasters and gamers alike.

The mic has a small and sleek design with a 1.5-meter cord. The tripod with three folded legs makes the device to be kept in place. It also enables the user to rock the mic according to the need.


Audio quality

A great part of audio quality is background noise. And with a low and constant level of self-noise from the Tonor, this is not a problem at all.

Another part of audio quality – likely the biggest one – is how good and full the audio sounds. It’s difficult to explain in words, basically, the more the audio wraps the range of frequencies from 20-20,000 Hz, the crisper audio you’ll hear.

  • TONOR TC-777 has a frequency response of 100Hz – 16 kHz and a sensitivity of -38dB±3dB.
  • The output impedance of 680Ω and S/N ratio of 56dB splits it from other USB microphones.

All in all TONOR TC-777 is a brilliant choice if you want an entry-level microphone that is under $50. It is perfect for the price range and it gives more than you expect with a product that will cost you within this price range.

You can buy it from Amazon.

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