Tools To Test the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Marketing

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You decided to prioritize social media as your primary marketing strategy. Nice move! With social media, it becomes super-easy for you to reach your target audience, and you are presented with an opportunity to create your brand awareness. Also, using social media is one of the surest ways of saving money for your business, since it requires very little or no startup capital.

When you started your social media campaign, your goal was to boost your sales that would eventually lead to business success. However, the effectiveness of a social media campaign cannot be measured manually. You need tools that will not just help you analyze the Facebook count likes, but also completely and accurately measure if you have received any ROI from the money you invested however little.

Below are some of the tools you need to consider;

  • Customer lifetime value calculator

Most social media marketing campaigns mostly focus on selling the product or on-platform engagement. However, you may at times use social media to connect with your existing customers or prospective clients to generate new leads. If this is what you are doing in your current strategy, then you need toll that will help you compute the approximate customer lifetime value, popularly known as CLV. No tool does this well than the Customer Lifetime Value Calculator.

With this tool, you can find out whether or not each lead you are generating through social media is bearing any fruits.

The good thing about this tool is that you don’t use it for particular audiences at a time, it can help you generate CLVs for multiple customers at a time. For example, it can calculate the value of customers who buy your items in bulk, as well as those who purchase few things at a time.

With this information, you will be able to know the budget you should set for lead generation in your next social media marketing campaign.

  • Kissmetrics

This list cannot be complete without mentioning one of the best tools that can be used to measure the effectiveness of a social media marketing campaign.

This tool helps you in tracking groups, individuals, and other users who visit your preferred social media sites.

Kissmetrics is so intuitive, such that it will track social media users anonymously from the time they visit your sites for the first time when they make repeat visits, and if they click the links to your sites and become conversions.

This is one of the best tools that you can use to measure customer behavior and return on investment.

Using it, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. What’s more, it will accurately attribute ROI to every social media site you use; hence allowing to see which platform you need to give priority.

  • Cyfe

Do you want to know how your content is shared on multiple social media platforms? Cyfe is all you need to make this happen. Additionally, it shows the impact your social media marketing has on ROI.

Cyfe allows you to create as many custom widgets as you can, which will help you see the effectiveness of your marketing strategy on Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other platforms you decide to use.

  • Google Analytics

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, Google Analytics is the king, and this is why you should always have it wherever you go. In case you cannot carry your computer with you, install an android app on your phone. It will do your business a huge favor.

With this tool, you can track all the responses from various social media campaigns, something that will help you determine the strategy that is working best for your business needs.

To measure the actual effectiveness of your social media campaign, make use of the social analytics feature in Google Analytics, which will allow you to create goals and measure the impact of social referrals to your site.

Continuously measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing can be a headache if you do not choose the right tools. When you select any of the above, you will go a long way in making this ordeal smooth, convenient, and highly beneficial to your business.

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