Top 10 Advanced Tips for Destiny 2 Gamers

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Destiny 2 is by far one of the world’s most popular games at the moment, a game so ambitious in scope, scale, and opportunities that players seemingly just can’t get enough of. If you’re looking to improve your Destiny 2 gameplay though, it doesn’t matter if you’re new or a veteran, these tips will come in handy no matter what! So, without further ado, here are ten advanced gameplay tips for Destiny 2 gamers!


10. Stasis Ice Breakers

Stasis abilities have become a huge part of Destiny 2’s infrastructure and combat. A lot of the stasis abilities will let you create walls of ice for cover, or freeze enemies into place. The ice being blown up will deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. Advanced players should utilize this mechanic to deal high damage critical attacks upon their foes and reap massive rewards by simply using the tools in their arsenal in combination. Explosives work best on frozen structures or enemies, keep that in mind!


9. Glacier Grenade Boost

The Glacier Grenade is known for its quick use in creating the cover for you. However, there is another use for this grenade type, and that is its impeccable power of giving you a boost to air. Yep, you usually throw it in front of you, however, throw it right below you and watch yourself and your nearby allies getting a massive boost upwards. If you’re a Warlock, you can use your gliding in combination with this boost and launch yourself far into the sky!

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8. Xur; the Absolute Legend!

Xur is our guy in Destiny 2, he’s the man and he’ll be there in the game to help you become badass much faster. Xur’s entire purpose is to provide you with some top-tier exotic gear, however, he appears only on Fridays in the Destiny 2 Patrol area. He’s always in different locations, so keep checking your mail for a marker on where Xur’s hiding in your playthrough. He’s quite easy to miss, but he’s got 4 pieces of exotic gear every week that you don’t want to miss out on!


7. Stasis Cover

The introduction of Stasis has dramatically changed the way each class can play in Destiny 2. Gone are the days when only the Titans could create a cover, now every guardian is capable of doing so. Creating cover through glacier grenades or the exotic grenade launcher called Salvation’s Grip. You can use these to not just create a cover in PvE, but also in PvP, and use it to trap enemies into corners!


6. Squad Up

Destiny 2 is fun on its own, but you need a group of friends to truly have the best experience possible. The game really opens up when you’re on a fire team, providing you more opportunities to take down larger enemies faster and earn more XP by doing so. Patrolling is made so much easier when you’re in a fire team, most people play destiny two in a squad of four at least. You can further increase that by joining a clan and having more people to play with even if your friends aren’t online.


5. Patrols are Key!

Going out on patrols is a huge part of what makes destiny two so much more fun than destiny one.  Patrolling can be done on many different maps in the game. From earth’s European dead zone to other locations such as Titan, Nessus, and Io. Patrolling gives you the opportunity to do many different kinds of quests and bounties while exploring these lands and the landscapes within.


4. Bounties and Quests, Learn to Shuffle

A lot of the bounties and quests in Destiny 2 overlap each other, meaning that the locations and the targets might be the same despite the fact that there are different bounties and quests. So, instead of taking one bounty and going down to hunt the target, take various bounties and quests from vendors and collect them all, do one at a time. This will increase your progression speed and make you earn more XP faster.


3. Mod Your Gear

Modifying your gear can be one of the most satisfactory things that you can do in Destiny 2. It is even more fun after you hit level 280. Because then you can craft legendary gear mods. These legendary gear mods can grant you a tonne of different passive and active abilities, making your heads feel harder, your attacks feel heavier and your damage even more than substantial.


2. The Campaign is Mandatory

 The one thing that you should always focus on is the campaign whenever you start with a brand new character, this is because of the fact that the campaign provides you with a huge amount of XP and is just so much fun to go through. The main difference between the original Destiny game, and destiny 2, is that the campaign and the narrative storytelling is just so much better! Everybody needs to experience the glorious campaign of Destiny 2, it’s just something you cannot ignore.


1. Raids are the Main Game!

Raids are by far the most important aspect of any destiny game mode or update. Every single expansion brings in new rates for people to take part in, and these raids will have some of the hardest, toughest bosses and combat encounters but also the best rewards and loot. This is why raids are considered the main game in destiny 2, providing you with so many different kinds of gear that you can mod and use to your leisure.

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