Top 10 Best VIN Decoders (2021)

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VIN Decoder

Every car has a long sequence of numbers and alphabets used to identify it. It’s unique to each car, even though there are numerous models in the series. Trying to understand what the characters mean in the alphanumeric code is essential. 

That’s how you get to know where the vehicle originated from and its main specifications. The number we are talking about here is the VIN, and you need a suitable tool to help in decoding

Here, we will discuss VIN decoders and the ten best ones currently in the market. In the end, you will have an idea of what to decode and the tools to rush to when the decoding time comes. 


The VIN and Decoder Explained 

Let’s start with the VIN. This is usually a 17-digit character code that you find printed on different parts of the car. It could be in the following areas:

  • Near the dashboard on the driver’s side 
  • Under the hood 
  • On the engine block 
  • On the spare tire 
  • The door jam on the driver’s side 
  • The transmission 
  • On the car’s electronic system 

If the vehicle is not near you, you can check on the paperwork. It also serves as a better way to confirm if the numbers are similar on the different spotted areas. The documents can include:

  • The vehicle’s logbook 
  • The car’s title registration 
  • Insurance cards 

The current standardization dictates that you should have 17 characters on the VIN. If they are less, it could mean that the car was manufactured before 1981 or fake. What you use to know what the alphanumeric code means is what we call a decoder. 

So, the work of a decoder is to derive the meaning embedded in each character. If you are buying or selling a car, the decoder will help in revealing more details. A decoder will help determine where the vehicle is from, the model, sequence number, and history. 


If you need a quick decoder, you can have this VIN lookup noted on your bookmarks or where you note the links to visit. More examples can include the following in the top 10 list below. 


10 Best VIN Decoders in 2021 

Web-based decoders have come to rescue people from the trouble they go through when trying to get more information about vehicles in general. You may not get everything you need, but it’s faster than visiting the DMV or the NHTSA offices.

Here are VIN lookup sites that will tell you about the vehicle depending on where you reside. 

  • VinPit 

If you are in the US, the number one website you would like to visit for VIN decoding exercises is VinPit. It’s available for anyone who would like to decode a car, motorcycle, RVs, motorboats, and more. 

The website only needs an internet connection and an updated browser to work. It depends on a database that spreads across 50 states in the US. It’s easy to use in the sense that you don’t need any signup or login.

Once you enter the VIN and click on the ‘Start Search’ button, the information, you need rolls out in seconds. Other things you can perform here include checking on the history report and license plate lookup. 

Once you decode, there may be limited information due to the regulations at play. On the other hand, you will not miss vital details such as the country of origin, the specifications, and whether the VIN is legit. There will also be car history reports that range from past ownership to theft cases. 

  • AutoCheck 

AutoCheck is another web-based decoder that you can utilize for VIN decoding, among other tasks. It’s known to give comprehensive reports about cars once you feed the VIN on the required input field. 

There are more than 500,000,000 vehicle records to depend on once you use the site to decode. You may get more than one car record, and that’s why there is a scale (1-100) on the features comparison. 

They calculate it comes from the specifications such as the origin, year of manufacture, and the vehicle type, among other factors. Overall, you will see the accident reports, ownership history, mileage, engine capacity, crime involvement, and more. 

  • Carfax 

If you are in the US or Canada, Carfax will suit you when you need to check on a VIN. It claims to have over 22 billion car records so, you can expect huge amounts of data from the VIN you need to decode. 

Even with the large data amounts, you are only restricted to the two countries, and your car needs to be a 1981 model or later. Since it also covers the whole of North America, you may get limited data that may not involve maintenance and damages. 

You will, however, be able to decode the VIN itself and get the manufacturer’s specifications. 

  • EpicVIN 

EpicVIN sources the information from NMVTIS, recognized car dealers, and insurance companies. It’s also known to be quite efficient, and it’s another website with a user-friendly interface. 

All you need to do is enter your VIN and press enter to get the results. They will include what’s decoded from the letters and additional reports such as the ownership, repairs, and accidents. Due to how it offers information, individuals and car dealers have found it one of the favorites. 

  • Bumper 

Bumper is a platform that you would like to harness if you want reports from a wider variety of valuable sources. It depends on data collected from 22 state-level departments, and that’s where you get most of the damage history. 

Other sources may include scrap yards, insurance companies, car dealerships, towing agencies, and more. Apart from the decoded information, you will also learn more about the market values, safety recalls, mileage, and more information suited for the user.

  • Cebia 

Cebia serves those who are in Slovakia and Czech Republic. If you are getting a car from those environs, the platform will have some details about it. The reason why it’s a recognizable tool is due to the vast database from the local market. 

You can check vehicles owned previously or new cars, thanks to the 1 billion documents it depends on from the auto history. Another reason is that you can use it to check illegalities. The only limitation you get here is that it’s limited two the European countries. 

  • AutoDNA 

AutoDNA is the website you will need for decoding if you are targeting US and European markets. It depends on more than half a billion auto records in its database and more than four trillion analytic records. 

It needs to have such a dependable data source given the market scope. All you need is the VIN, and the website will respond with data relevant to the VIN. Depending on what you need, though, there may be different prices. 

  • CarVertical 

There are new technologies to benefit from once you use CarVertical to decode your VIN. Through continuous updates on the database, you get valuable information about the car in question. It will include the history reports and what the characters hold. 

The best part is that it uses block-chain based technology to give you up-to-date information. That ensures that you get tamper-proof data collected from different parts of the world. It’s also quite affordable to use. 

  • VINCheck.Info 

VINCheck.info will help those who need a free decoder to compare results from other sources. By offering free services, many users can access the platform without worrying how much they will pay. 

Users will obtain up-to-date information regarding their cars and the VINs, which helps in fraud detection and prevention. It’s also a good avenue to know if the car you are dealing with is stolen. 

  • ClearVin 

Lastly, we have ClearVin, which offers you a money-back guarantee if there are errors in your report. The fee is also affordable, and that’s why it remains to be competitive in 2021. You can use it to decode cars, motorbikes, trucks, and other automobiles. 

Once you decode, you will learn about the repairs, ownership, robbery, insurance information, and what the characters have. If you have any issues, the customer support is ready to answer the questions, and they also offer a free recall lookup. 

In 2021, you don’t need to run to the DMV office or any other authoritative agency to get decoded information from your VIN. It’s, however, the right move if you need to get the full information. 

Some rules regulate decoding and the use of online platforms, and that means you should check with the laws first. Otherwise, for better car buying and selling decisions, you can use any of the decoders recommended above for more information. 


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