Top 10 Electronic Gifts For Christmas

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Christmas is upon us and it is that time of the year when we are confused about what to gift to our loved ones. So fear not to check out the list and you will find something suitable.

10. Handbag Light With An Automatic Sensor ($31.91)

Have you ever gone through the frustration of groping through a large bag in the dark for finding, the best-case scenario, a small pin? I think yes. Worry not, because Brainstream has commercialized a device utilizable by handbags and purses. The unit has a proximity sensor that utilizes energy from your hand to activate a light without the use of any buttons or switches. This light gets activated as soon as you put your hand in and remains for 10 seconds before turning off. It is powered by two AAA batteries that are changeable with a counterclockwise twist of your palms. The gadget makes findings easier and is ideal for gifting people who regularly go through this.

“A friend of mine had this light, and I thought it was a great idea. I have several huge hobo-style bags, and this light is a cool thing to have. It lights automatically as your hand nears it, so you can see what is inside your huge bag! It is expensive for what it is, unfortunately. I’m thinking of giving it as a special gift for a few of my friends who carry huge bags.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


9. Shower Speaker ($24.99)

This is a water-resistant, Bluetooth shower speaker that streams high-fidelity stereo sound to your bathroom which will then sound like a rock concert. It resists dust, debris and is made shockproof. The sealed silicone case and interface will make sure of that. It also allows hands-free talk with built-in mic; you can use it as a remote shutter release for your phone and skip through or replay a song with one-button convenience. Connects to your smartphone in seconds and has a range of 10 meters.

“I’ve had this for a few weeks now. So far it’s working just as expected. Charged a fine upon arrival, and haven’t had to charge it again yet (it’s been 3-4 weeks). Suction is good. Hasn’t fallen off my shower wall yet. Sounds not bad. Good volume and sound are good. So far, I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


8. Bluetooth Beanie ($34.99)

This beanie is no regular beanie. Apart from being made from super soft acrylic and being double knitted, the unit allows you to listen to music without wearing headphones. How? This beanie features an integrated wireless Bluetooth stereo system that brings you with great style and comfort, an inbuilt sound system. Cool. Right. You can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy up to 6 hours of playing music and whatnot. It also has simple operating buttons on the left earpiece for moving back and forth in your playlist. A great tech gift for winters!

“I LOVE this beanie! It works so well! I love being able to be headphone-free and warm. You can also wash the beanie–it’s easy. Just turn it inside out, find the zipper, unzip, and gently remove the Bluetooth apparatus. (It’s just snugly fit into these stretchy fabric bands, so it’s not hard to remove, but comfortably stays put, too.) I charge mine every 3-4 days or so for just a few minutes, and it has enough power to go. (I have used it for up to 2 hours at a time.)” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


7. Samsung Gear VR ($99.99)

Another tech cherry of this year is this set of virtual reality headset by Samsung. Contains a polarized lens that lets you have a depth perception of the picture you are seeing. It features an easy to use touchpad and is lightweight so you can watch and play comfortably. This unit offers improved fit, including room for most eyeglasses and improved padding for extra comfort and durability. Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge,Note5,S6 edge+,S6,S6 edge.

“The commercials will never do it justice. When I purchased for $99, it was a great buy. Now that it’s going for less it’s a no brainer to buy it. No, you won’t use it every other day, but the days that you do you will be sure to put a huge grin on your face, every time! The best explanation I can give is to compare it to a Rollercoaster. Unless you have been on one before, you won’t value the account of the multiple experiences you can have in the different scenes and games and videos.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


6. Spehro – App-Controlled Robot ($99.00)

Sphero is a Star Wars, application controlled robot. You can guide your robot with a smartphone or a tablet. It records and lets you view holographic videos. It also listens and responds hence is user-interactive. The exploring mode will make your little Dora. It has a sturdy, waterproof polycarbonate shell and a Bluetooth range of 30m. Gift someone a toy companion.

“This is a very fun toy!!!!! It’s also super cute! I got two of them, one for each son. I do not regret spending the money, and they are still working fine almost a year later.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


5. Ecobee3 Thermostat With Sensor ($198.99)

Ecobee3 Thermostat With Sensor

Ecobee3 is a 2nd generation smart thermostat that intuitively understands when to turn on your heating or cooling equipment based on your home’s unique energy profile, the weather outside, and thousands of other data points to make sure you are comfortable at all times. The unit senses when the home is empty; switches itself off for energy saving. Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately). It features a full coloured screen; can be integrated with smartphones and offers free software upgrades. 

“Excellent product we placed the sensor in our baby’s nursery. Set desired temp, and it works like a champ. We have a poorly placed upstairs thermostat, and the nursery would always be too hot or too cold we’ve had this for about two weeks no issues.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


4. Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker ($179.00)

Image Credits: Amazon

This is Bose’s mini Bluetooth speaker featuring big sound and deep bass. It is constructed wireless and ultra-compact and has a built-in speakerphone which lets you take calls out loud. A Li-ion battery plays up to 10 hours on a full charge. You get talked through the pairing process by a voice prompt for ease. Get easy, fun, and good quality music on the go.

– Longer battery life
– Longer Bluetooth range
– Multi-function button for changing songs

– Speakerphone is worthless
– Voice alerts are gimmicky and not useful
– Heavy for a portable speaker” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


3. Wireless Upper Arm Monitor ($64.99)

Image Credits: Amazon

This is Omron’s high-quality blood pressure monitor for the upper arm. It comes with a comfortable cuff which fits the upper arm (9″-17″). The multi-colored indicator lights clearly show how your reading compares to normal home blood pressure levels. The unit also displays the average of your last three readings taken within the last 10 minutes and detects irregular heartbeats. You can manage and track 100 readings on your monitor and unlimited on your smartphone. Compatible with both iOS and Android.

“I had an Omron-HEM-712C for ten years: it worked reliably and was accurate and had a decent enough memory. The best things about this new model (to me) are the optional 3-sample averaging, and the Bluetooth connection that downloads to an app on your phone and from there to an online personal account. I like being able to show my record to my doctor but having the record is making ME more consistent about taking my BP regularly and about keeping the positive lifestyle changes going. The cuff is easy to put on; it has a solid cylinder as part of the cuff and the loose end “velcros” itself. The other had the typical soft cuff which I prefer, but this one is not uncomfortable. Instead of plugging straight (perpendicularly) into the side of the housing like the 712C, the air tube on this one has a 90-degree fitting that rotates in the port on the machine. It is about the same size and weight is no noisier than my old one. Maybe my commitment will wane but following the advice about when and how to take the measurement means I see more consistent — and hopefully more accurate — readings. Sitting still for 5 min before and during the selectable 3-sample time-span is kind of like a twice-daily dedicated period of relaxation for me.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


2. Smart Fitness Watch ($127.46)

An era where you desperately need to get out of your houses, offices, apartments, classrooms, cars, and exercise. This Fitbit activity tracker is sweat, rain, and splash-proof. Its battery lasts for five days consecutively. You can synchronize with your computer or smartphone using the internet or Bluetooth; syncing range: 20 feet and keep track of your activity to keep you motivated and running.

“Finally ordered after months of research! Love the size and features. I have lost weight but was at a standstill. This Fitbit Blaze will help me reach my goal, and keep me motivated.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


1. Kindle E-Reader ($99.99)

A heaven for the book readers. This is a 6 inches, high resolution (300ppi), Paperwhite e-reader with built-in light, Wifi and includes special offers. It has no screen glare, and a single battery charge will last for weeks. It is incredibly light for you to hold it in one hand. Build you vocabulary, read more challenging books and lose yourself in these books and have a happy Christmas!

“Kindle Paperwhite is a big enhancement over basic Kindle. It is so much easier on the eyes and a perfect gift for my eight-year-old. She is an avid reader and usually not care about having perfect light around her for reading a book. She loves her Kindle.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.


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