Top 10 Mobile Game Apps to Play on Your PC

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Playing a game on the limited screen of a mobile never satiates a true gamer. It just does not have the right feel to it as compared to playing on a large screen, with a crystal clear view, unmatched graphics, and energizing background sounds, using the keys here and there comfortably and enjoying the lived in experience of a game perpetually. In fact, it is often frustrating and uncomfortable to play a game on a touch screen of a phone, with limited battery time and gamers rather revel in using controllers or keyboards to play.

Lucky enough for them, there are now ways you can savor your favorite android and apple games on your PC by using an emulator. Here is a list of ten topmost Mobile games that you can relish more on your PC.

Check Out Multiplayer Gameplay for Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

10. Plants Vs Zombies

A defense strategy game with the right amount of humor to keep you hooked to your screens. The game is about protecting your house from zombies who are in a rush to invade your house and eat off your brains by strategically planting mystical plants in your backyard. You heard it right, PLANTS to save the day.

GTA Vice City Remastered

9.  GTA Vice City

You are the gangster in the game, who has just bargained your way out of 15 years imprisonment with new criminal missions in the Vice city of Florida. The game offers fast cars and exhilarating action just a few minutes into the game. You’ll attain several roles both in the form of protagonist and antagonist. The game is a perfect blend of violence, style, and humor.


8. Fallout Shelter

One of the most fantastically imaginative games set in a post-apocalyptic world where you are trying to provide for, protect, and build for the citizens in Fallout’s universe underground vaults. Amidst raiders, radroaches, and other dangers that keep hitting you time and over again, you try to balance the need for providing water, food, and power. Citizens are also assigned to different stations, which if rightly matched, becomes a success map for your vault. But while everything is finally getting in perfect balance, another threat already has its eyes set on you.

7. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt is an energetic car racing game with visually stunning graphics, a broad collection of hyper-cars from real manufacturers, and spectacular locations to race around. Unlock new cars to expand your garage, become a legend of your league, or even more so, attain worldwide glory. The game doesn’t stand on a story but has various series of races that you win to unlock more, electrifying adventures.


6. Fortnite Battle Royale

An incredibly thrilling, multiplayer game, where the gamer is dropped down from rather an untraditional, non-military flying party bus into a vividly beautiful island along with 100 other players. The aim is to be the last man standing on a perpetually shrinking map by gathering your weapons and gears. The island consists of numerous large cities, all with their unique and eccentric assets and maps spawned with guns and explosives. If anything, the game is an exhilarating experience in itself.

World War Rising

5. World War Rising

World war rising is the game that took the audience by surprise and became highly popular in a really short span. It is a strategy game where your ultimate goal is to strengthen your base, dominate your opponent’s base and win battles. Different heroes are assigned to various units which drives you towards success provided you know your moves well. The game is intricately designed giving the closest and boasting experience of wars and battles.


4. Call of Duty: Modern warfare

Half Prequel and half reboot to the Modern Warfare Franchise, CoD is a realistic, first-hand shooter game. With upgraded weapon customization, combined with exceptional gunplay and intense campaign, the game is bound to keep the player highly alert and perceptive of clouding dangers. Steering in better directions, the game never loses its fan base.


3. Minecraft

Attracting the creative minds out there, Minecraft allows you to gather and craft various items to your heart’s desire and build an infinite world around you. You enter the game with empty hands, building your world from scratch by mining the landscape with infinite possibilities. Your talent for crafting things is your shot at progressing in the game. The game has been ranked as extraordinarily engaging and creative by a large population of varying age groups.


2. Hearthstone

The rightly chosen king of digital Collectible card game, Hearthstone is played between two opponents, each with a deck of thirty chosen cards and a hero with an exclusive power. Opponent aims to destroy the facing hero using abilities and sending minions using their limited crystals. Completing quests earns you rewards and new cards to make things exciting, and you find yourself glued to the screen.

PUBG'S Sanhok Map


Land on an island, hunt your weapons and stay alive till the end, Players Unknown Battleground allows you to weave your fate as you progress into the game by making sense of the situation and acting instantly. The game is bound to keep you on your toes the electric blue circle slowly starts to shrink on you, pulling all survivors into a restricted harmless place. 


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