Top 10 Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies

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Printed Circuit Board

If you are looking forward to picking the best PCB companies across the globe for making products in the future, then you can find the list of PCB assembly companies that are available for the people here. So, whenever you are planning to pick the best PCB projects, then it is always important for you to pick the best Ray PCB assembly companies. Before going to choose the best PCB manufacturing companies, then make sure to know that what are all the services provided by them. Based on the services which are provided for your products, you can pick the best PCB assembly companies that whenever you want.

Here we are going to discuss the best PCB assembly companies. As per your convenience and budget, you can pick the best assembly company from the below-mentioned list.

  1. Ray PCB

It is one of king among all companies and very popular company. When you are to buy PCB products you do not need to ponder and do not need to give fuel to the fire because this company has the capacity of giving unique quality of material which are useful. So, without going for any confusion, you can choose the best manufacturer Ray PCB and develop your business. Also, this company comes up with the best experts who offer the best PCB assemblies within a deadline.

  1. FLEX Ltd

It is one of the very popular global electronics manufacturing Service companies and it comes in the third number. This company lets you enjoy electronic design services and also PCB design, microelectronics, robotics, and many more. So, for people who want the best quality PCB assembling services, then it is possible with the support of this manufacturer.

  1. Eltek Ltd.

It is one of the famous manufacturers of advanced PCBs for sophisticated electronic products they are a really faithful and reliable company that includes aerospace and medical applications. For a better outcome from your projects, then you can pick this company that whenever required. As per your needs and requirements, you can expect better PCB assemblies.

  1. Corintech Ltd.

It offers high quality and competitive PCB assembly services and the company remains on the cutting edge of the technology. So these are advanced assembly processed hardware.  As per your convenience, you can pick this manufacturer and get support for your products that whenever you need it within your budget. 

  1. SCHMID Group

It is a very known name in the field of the PCG industry for over fifty years.  This is so famous company for providing the metallization, surface, and resists technology. This company believes in technologies and customized solutions for implementing market depends and customer’s need properly.

  1. ES and S solution Gmbh

It gives tailor-made and adapter solutions and prints out circuit boards and its tool for the last 25 years. These companies give special kind of tool in its own way and they become famous because each individual can provide something very unique and different.

  1. Akasaka electronic limited

You must have heard about it and it is also very much famous for giving supplying high quality with Japanese technology printed circuit board and assemblies for various sectors. It is very much popular in giving single layer and double-layered and multi-layered.

  1. Fine-line circuits ltd

It is known among the industry of printed circuit board manufacturers. It comes under the top 10 manufacture of the PCB. It is known because of its quality and its quality is earning its name globally. And it is up to giving more quality to its users.

  1. Epitome Components Ltd

It indeed gives what you might be seeking printed circuit board manufacturer in India and it has collaborated with UK based ‘Trackwise Designs Ltd. Many big names trust the product of this very company and those are Videocon industries, Philips, LG, Nokia, etc.

  1. Genus electro tech ltd

It is a very fastest developing company which is more famous for its all kind of electronic components including printed circuit boards. It has the ability to give you a PCB manufacturing plan of 20000 sqm single sideboards and 10000 double and multilayered printed circuit boards every month.


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