Top 3 Movies That Showcase The Real World of Casino

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Casino Royale

Casino games have a huge impact on Hollywood movies. It is a successful formula for filmmakers to make a movie around casino games or setting it in the most popular gambling destination in the world, Las Vegas. There have been many movies that are set in a casino environment in order to grab a large number of audience.

Viewers always love to see different gambling games and tricks to play them on a big screen. They are fond of seeing the thrills, twists, and tricks that actors perform while playing casino games. Therefore, the formula for making movies around casino games has been a hit throughout the years. There have been many movies that showcased true casino environment to people so that they can witness how it feels to be in a casino especially in the biggest casino destination, Las Vegas. Although there are many movies made on casino games, only a few have set the benchmark and showed the world an actual environment and ambiance of the casino world.

So we have picked some of the best casino games-centric movies that have shown a real world of casino parlors all over the world. Also, the impact of casino games on the big screen.

  • Casino Royale: This is the best casino based movie which revolves around casino games and the movie completely justifies its title. Le Chiffre who plays the role of bank man having terrorist connections is an outstanding poker player in the movie. He always tries to win big stakes poker tournament to return money to the terrorists. However, Mr. Bond in the movie stops him to do that. Though it is not one of the best Bond movies, it shows the real world of casino.
  • The Cooler: This is another movie in which we can see the impact of casino games. Bernie is a bona fide loser who works for the casino manager who takes the benefit of his ability to transform the luck for avid gamblers at the casino. In this movie, Bernie showcased some special skills in the casino that are quite watchful.
  • Ocean’s 11: This is yet another star-studded movie which brings a real world of the casino on the big screen and shows the impact of casino in Hollywood. The movie is about 11 professional criminals who work together for a heist against a bank with USD 150 million in the safe. The money came from three popular casinos in Las Vegas including Bellagio, MGM Grand, and Mirage. The movie showcased some spine chilling actions, thrilling scenes and real casino atmosphere that are worth to watch.

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