The Top 3 Things to Look for When Selecting a Secure Web Host

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Looking for a web host for your web projects, especially for people who are not into technicalities, is such a daunting task. There are lots of things to consider but most importantly, it should suit your business needs and of course, must have ample security. With the amount of money invested in building a website for your business, it is just appropriate to choose a secure web host. So here are three top things you should be looking for when selecting a secure web

host. Guided by these, you can make a web hosting comparison on hostingfoundry.com.

  1. Backups

Some web hosts offer daily, weekly or monthly back-ups for emergency situations. A good option a web host can offer would be a daily backup of the files just in case of an emergency

shutdown. However, the best offer would be a manual daily back-up so you can back up every time there are new updates on your website. It is also best to know the backup limits and all other backup conditions of the web host. At the end of the day, it will not matter why your website is down or why you lost your website’s data, it is knowing first if your web host has a backup plan and how they will recover lost data in case it happens.

  1. Secure Datacenter

It is important that a service provider has a secure datacenter. Make sure that the location of the

web host’s data center is nowhere near natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. It is a plus if the web host has secure facilities with power generators in case of emergency power

failures. A dependable web hosting company to choose can assist in the maintenance, technical support and security issues 24 hours a day. Your web host should have a good reputation for its support department. It should be in-house and not outsourced from another company. And you should be able to talk to a customer support personnel 24/7. Your service provider must also be able to offer different modes of support such as email, toll-free phone or live chat to name a few.

  1. Scan for Malware Attacks

A reliable web host scans for Malware attacks, an example of which is Sitelock. Sitelock scans

for Malware at the same time also prevents your site from being blacklisted. Since you can never be sure that all systems accessing your websites are clean, choose a service provider which has solutions for these issues such as backing up data and restoring the website if it gets


Now that we know what the three most important security measures a web hosting company

must have, it should be easier to choose from all sorts of service providers that abound. We

might think that it is an added cost, but if it benefits your website, then you get your money’s

worth. It is important to choose the web host which will be most beneficial for your business or

whatever purpose your website serves and you might as well equip it with the right level of

security to avoid dire loss.

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