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With more than a thousand active players in the buzzing Role Playing Game, Outriders, each player wants to be on top of their game at each moment they are online. And how do you do it? The simple answer, picking up the Outriders Best Class.

The shooter game brings along with it not just adrenaline from the high-octane action sequences and makes them feel powerful by giving them a chance to choose their superhuman powers after the prologue.


What is a class in Outriders?

Class is a decision you make at the start of Outriders which will significantly affect the entire length of the game.

Once the players land on Enoch, they are to make a choice from four different classes. All of these classes have different abilities and superhuman powers that will keep evolving throughout the game.

Although a player can’t change their class in between the game, they can garner flexibility in the class skills that unlock as they explore the game.

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How many classes are in Outriders?

The four classes in Outriders are-

  1. Technomancer
  2. Pyromancer
  3. Trickster
  4. Devastator

Each player that has ever taken Outriders ted-bit seriously knows that though each of the above-mentioned classes has its potential, one of them is better than the rest at some time, for some reasons known, and some unknown.

And to reach the best, we will take you through each of their strengths and weakness, helping you make probably the most important decision of the game.


Outriders Best Class Ranked from Best to Worst

Each of the four classes is at its pinnacle of performance at some point in the game which makes selecting the best class a complex task, but here we go.


1. Trickster

The main reason why we feel that trickster is one of the most powerful classes in the game is their skill set in close combats, which is predominantly the main focus of the game.

Plus their ability to heal off a defeated enemy and then vanish in thin air is a deadly combo that can be a game-changer if used effectively.


Best Trickster Skills-

Hunt The Prey: This skill gives you the ability to select an enemy and quickly teleport behind them and receive a shield bonus.

Venator’s Knife: Using this your trickster will throw a temporal knife at an enemy and this blade will ricochet between enemies that are standing in close vicinity, damaging all of them.

Temporal Blade: This blade paralyzes and slices enemies mercilessly and also inflicts Slow and interrupt to all targets.

Time Rift: Creates a shockwave that puts the enemies in mid-air leaving them unable to fight for 3.5 seconds. An absolute power play.


2. Devastator

In this Outriders Best Class blog, we have put Devastator second on the list because of the tank capacity it gives the player. The skill set and the abilities it provides to the player help them stand their ground in most situations.

Absorbing the incoming firepower and an additional 15% health, increased health by 30%, and most important of them all, each close-range kill heals the Devastator by 24% of its maximum health.


Best Devastator Skills-

Earthquake: Using this skill detonates a shockwave that deals damage and interrupts all enemies in front of the Devastator.

Reflect Bullets: Surrendering yourself to the enemy firepower and then reflecting all the damage is one super cool ability Devastator brings with it.

This ability creates a shield that collects all enemy projectiles and the damage. After 10s of triggering the skill, the accumulated damage is thrown back to enemies.

Boulderdash: Activating this makes the player charge forward to Interrupt all enemies in their path and deal damage. At the end of the charge, you will smash the ground and deal damage to all enemies in the vicinity.

Golem: This ability lets the player fortify themselves against any type of damage coming their way by 65% for a period of 8 seconds.


3. Technomancer

Technomancer is mid to long-range class and has abilities focused around it. Though putting it on the third rank is our personal (and probably biased) opinion because of our love for close-quarter, action-packed sequences. Plus, Technomancer might not be the best choice for players who want to go solo!

Technomancer has often been described as a support class in the list of Outriders Best Class, but once a player gets the hold of this class and carves out the perfect skill tree, they become a strong contender in the game.


Best Technomancer Skills-

Blighted Rounds: This fills up your current weapon with decay-infused bullets that inflict severe toxins into the enemies and those in a close radius will get inflicted with 50% damage.

Scrapnel: As the name suggests, with this skill the Technomancer throws a proximity device that explodes and deals damage, and interrupts the skills of enemies in the blast radius.

Pain Launcher: This skill makes Technomancer a proper long-range class in this Outriders Best Class list. It places a launcher and bomb and each missile deals severe damage to the enemy in sight.


4.    Pyromancer

The fire class as some may call it (or might not, we don’t know :P) The best thing about this class is that as soon as you kill a market target, your Pyromancer heals about 24% of their maximum health. This ability makes them a good long-range class.


Best Pyromancer Skills-

Overheat: Activating this skill the Pyromancer gets the ability to deal with some damage coming from all the enemies visible and at the same time interrupts their skills. Enemies also deal additional damage with this skill. 

Heatwave:: It summons a wave that deals damage and inflicts serious burns to all enemies in its path.

Feed the Flames: This is probably one of the coolest-looking moves in the entire game. It pulls a target enemy towards Pyromancer, deals damage, and burns them into ash.

F.A.S.E.R Beam: The energy beam is paramount to a perfect attack. This ray deals violent damage from 125% of the status power.


Which Class should I pick?

As gamers, we honestly look for fun and fiery action in most games and this game is no different. Outriders Best Class comes down to a player’s individual choices and how they think they can put a particular skill set to optimum use. Every gamer has a fun way to decide which character they enjoy the most and in the end, every time you switch off the power button, fun is all that matters.

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