Top 4 Scariest Monsters & Villains In Horror Video Games

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There have been many long-standing horror games such as Resident Evil that keep releasing new games year after year. While Resident Evil 3 (remake) was only just released this year, it has already been announced that another game is scheduled for 2021.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled for next year for Windows, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5. Other upcoming PS5 games that fans are excited for also include the exciting new Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla game in November 2020.

For years now, there have been many scary and creepy horror video games that have been released on console, desktop, and even mobile.

On the iOS app store, mobile apps like Five Nights At Freddy’s and Into The Dead 2 have provided jumpscares and zombies for gamers. There have also been a number of games released at online casinos that have featured all kinds of monsters from ghosts and vampires to zombies and werewolves.

But who are the scariest monsters and villains in video game history? Here are just four of the scariest ones that have left gamers truly creeped out.

Nemesis - Resident Evil 3

Nemesis – Resident Evil 3

Since the very first Resident Evil Game came out in 1996, there have been many awesome monsters and villains for players to defeat. In the game series there have been villains like Mr. X and William Birkin that have truly creeped people out. In the recent Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, some deranged and psychotic humans, such as Jack Baker, were used as villains which probably made it even more terrifying.

However, one of the best Resident Evil villains isn’t a human at all. Cast your mind back to the very first Resident Evil game. It ends with you watching a tyrant being created, shortly before sticking a rocket launcher in its eyehole.

Skip to Resident Evil 3, and you are followed by a large tyrant-looking figure that has been all sewn up like Frankenstein and is simply obsessed with killing. It follows you relentlessly and is a lot smarter than other monsters. The unkillable unstoppable monster has featured in other Resident Evil games, but never with the same effect as in RE3.

Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2

Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

One of the scariest video games that will keep you up at night is the popular survival horror game Silent Hill 2 that was released in 2001.No game has ever re-captured the lost murky hopeless and alone feeling you experience when walking around the town in Silent Hill 2.

The creepy environment is made even more terrifying with Pyramid Head. This character is often praised for being one of the best-designed antagonists in the horror video game genre. Its creepy presence, while slowly moving towards you, is really unsettling. The pyramid that covers the villains head also adds more mystery and tension to the character. We also can’t forget the gigantic sword that he drags along the floor behind him either.

In Silent Hill 2, the first encounter with the monster isn’t ‘in-your-face’ scary, it’s just very unsettling. As the protagonist James is exploring, players first come across Pyramid Head. He might be behind a barrier and unable to reach you (yet) but you can’t help wondering what would happen if he could.

In the video game franchise, Pyramid Head is one of the most iconic villains. Much like the popularity of Nemesis in Resident Evil, this is another scary video game monsters that fans come up against.

Xenomorph - Alien: Isolation

Xenomorph – Alien: Isolation

Released in 2014, the Xenomorph aliens are at the core of Alien: Isolation. In this survival horror game, players are playing engineer Amanda Ripley, who is the daughter of Ellen Ripley, as she investigates the disappearance of her mother.

As players progress through the game, they will come across many creepy and skin-crawling monsters. Primarily solitary ambush predators, these aliens often create a great jumpscare. What’s even creepier about them is that usually they aren’t usually seeking to kill their victims, but looking to harvest them for the creation of more xenomorphs. However, attack back and they will just kill you instead.

These creatures are so creepy with their skeletal bodies, distinctive long skulls, and acid blood. One of their most deadly and gruesome attacks is the iconic ‘headbite’ which no video game character is coming back from.

During your first play-through, your nervous sweat will stick you to your chair. The fact that so much fear is elicited from so little means that the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation is a perfect example of a scary video game monster. It beats the cheap jump scares from other video games hands down.

Marta - Outlast 2

Marta – Outlast 2

For dedicated fans of the Outlast games, you don’t need to wait much longer for another creepy game release. Recently, a teaser trailer was released for The Outlast Trials game, set to be released sometime next year. While fans wait, there is plenty of time to dive back into the previous games.

In Outlast, there have been many creepy and disturbing villains and monsters that have been used. Father Loutermilch, Eddie Gluskin, Laird Byron, and Frank Manera, are just some of the scariest villains that have featured in the video game franchise.

Marta is just one of the unknown entities that players will come up against in Outlast 2. Tall, dark, and heavily robed, she has a lot of mystery about her. However, she does wield a large pickaxe that you don’t want to get too close to. Her creepy character fills game sequences with dread and panic as players scramble to get away from her. It’s almost like she’s an entity that’s come straight from hell just for you. In Outlast 2, she mercilessly pursues the protagonist and is determined to stop at nothing to kill them. As she stalks you from nearby, you’ll hear her mumbling gospel speech. The best solution is to run because you’re going to regret it if she catches you.



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