Top 4 Smart Glasses for 2014

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2014 will be the year of most advanced and smart glasses, There are plenty of contenders for this race and some are so good that they can threaten Google Glass itself.

We have a list of some glasses which we think worth mentioning here, Have a look and share your views about them, Most of them will be available for purchase in 2014.

ReconJet – The eyewearables are coming

ReconJet The Jet was designed for athletes and other active users who want their mobile content in real-time and hands-free, including social media and messages. It resembles sunglasses with an extension arm that displays projected content below one eye. The device includes a dual-core CPU, touchpad, GPS with onboard gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, altimeter and thermometer. The device features IR gaze detection, and the extension arm has a built in HD camera with a microphone and speakers. The lenses are polarized to eliminate glare, the battery is removable and the entire device weighs 60 g.

GlassUp – The eyewearables are coming 

GlassUpGlassUp eyewear was designed to project incoming e-mails, text messages, tweets, Facebook updates, and other messages, so that the user can keep abreast of their mobile content without losing situational awareness. According to the manufacturer, the messages are shown for only a few instants, on the side of the field of view, in an unobtrusive manner. The device uses Bluetooth technology to push mobile notifications to the eyewear.

TelepathyOne – The eyewearables are coming


Telepathy One was designed an innovative device that encourages real-time, hands-free, interactive communication by instantly sharing the user’s visuals with individuals from all over the world, enabling the reception of immediate feedback. The device is not integrated into a lens but is displayed on an extension arm hanging in front of one eye, similar to Google Glass.

Google Glass

Google GlassPerhaps the best known and most heavily hyped eyewear device slated for 2014 launch, Glass is designed to allow computing capabilities, but it is not hands-free or voice-free. It does not integrate projection and optics capabilities into a traditional eyewear lens, but rather a separate extention arm that holds a small projection screen above one eye. It includes an outward-pointed cam that the can be operated with voice commands.

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