Top 5 Best CS:GO eSports Teams in the World According To Prize Money Earned

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CSGO Teams

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the most awesome and fun multiplayer FPS developed by Valve. It was come out all the way back in 2012, it is the fourth installment in the series, and the greatest and biggest FPS esports game to date. Competitive CS:GO gameplay is a round based on Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists bomb-defusal gameplay. There are many other game modes available, yet the original mode is still the best and got the most attention from casual and professional players. It was released almost a decade ago and CSGO is still a dominant esports game with an established competitive scene with big prize money.

In the multiple competitions of the different games, the players play for big prize money. But they don’t do it independently. For competitive eSports, teams have created that contest with their teams in one or more titles against the other teams. As in any sport, there are companies in eSports that stand out for their incredible performances and can enjoy tremendous successes. Check out the ranking of the top 5 best eSports teams in the world according to the prize money they accumulated. If you want to know the rating and statistics of individual CS:GO players, then check out the leaderboard at More and more people are relying on accurate data to pick their favorite.


5: does not acquire its good position in this ranking by defeating a few significant championships like many other teams but rather added up its total reward money of $18,206,325.79 through regular wins. The team has been playing as a professional eSports team since 2012, has also been appearing in the rankings of Dota 2 The International Championships regularly, and has already selected many of the ESL One championships of the famous MOBA with first place for itself.

The 3 most famous games of the eSports team:

  • Dota 2: $11,490,018.54 (63.11 %)
  • CS:GO: $4,298,190.63 (23.61 %)
  • PUBG: $666,213.93 (3.66 %)


4: Team Spirit

Team Spirit got the bulk of its prize money through Dota 2. When you compare it to, the eSports clan is represented in far fewer games but has already won prize money of $19,913,522, securing fourth place.

The 3 most famous games of the eSports team:

  • Dota 2: $18,864,202.41 (share: 94.73 %)
  • CS:GO: $752,751.21 (share: 3.78 %)
  • Hearthstone: $275,968.49 (share: 1.39 %)


Evil Geniuses

The eSports team Evil Geniuses has played in championships from over 60  games but won over 80% of their total prize money in just one game: Dota 2. The famous MOBA is well known for paying out the biggest winnings in its championships. By unfailingly placing relatively high in The International championships over the last few years and having some wins in the tournaments of Call of Duty games, Evil Geniuses’ earned money a total of $25,589,757.09.

The 3 most famous games of the eSports team:

  • Dota 2: $21,072,070.62 (share: 82.35 %)
  • CS:GO: $1,017,866.99 (share: 3.89 %)
  • Call of Duty: $917,740.10 (share: 3.59 %)


With $35,717,823.59 in accumulated prize money, OG is only behind first place and anchored in second place ranking of the most promising eSports teams of all time. What makes OG amazing is that the fairly young team has completed almost all of its earnings in just one game. It was founded under the name (monkey) Business by the most prosperous eSports pro of all time Johan Sundstein, the team has earned remarkable success in Dota 2 in recent years. This contains, for example, first place in the Dota 2 The International Championships 2018 and also in 2019.

The 3 most famous games of the eSports team:

  • Dota 2: $34,920,626.13 (share: 97.77 %)
  • CS:GO: $737,750.00 (share: 2.07 %)
  • Dota 2 (OG Seed): $52,600.00 (share: 0.15 %)


Team Liquid

They won a total of $38,502,204.98, Team Liquid got to first place in the ranking, making it the most prosperous eSports team of all time. And that’s not unexpected or shocking: with wins from a total of 2151 championships, Team Liquid is the most experience in professional eSports and it is the best of all eSports teams in the world. But not only the championships is above average for Team Liquid, also the number of teams and titles in which the team contests is very high.

The 3 most famous games of the eSports team:

  • Dota: $23,095,231.10 (share: 59.98 %)
  • Counter-Strike: $5,162,591.35 (share: 13.41 %)
  • StarCraft: $1,622,183.25 (share: 4.21 %)

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