Top 5 Crucial Instagram Features for Business

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Instagram is now used as one of the leading corporate web marketing. Every company in the world is focusing on Instagram operation because it is possible to operate a business account with everything from advertising to analysis functions for free.

Instagram listens to users instantly and makes various corrections and new features. Therefore, it can be said that it is a social medium with many potentials to start an effective business. From here, the article will introduce the possibilities that Instagram has and the great possibilities that it will have in the future. Let’s also introduce some crucial Instagram features for business that greatly affects consumers.

  • Making Business profile:

Registering a business profile will make it easier for users to contact the company, which is a big attraction. If you are attracting customers with your Instagram personal account, you will not be able to post your store’s phone number, address, email address, etc., on your profile page.

For example, it will be possible to set up buttons (phone, email, reservation) that allow direct contact. It will also be possible to post the location of the shop. By making contact with users more straightforward, you may have more opportunities to generate sales. It will also be more beneficial for users.

  • Advertising:

The absolute pleasure of a business account is that you can place advertisements (for a fee) on Instagram. As a feed ad or a story ad, you will be able to place an ad that will catch your eye.

Even more, you can buy real “followers and like” to make an influential business account. To do this, you can buy Instagram likes from here. In addition, Instagram is used as a place to collect information, so you can expect it as one of the new ways to attract customers by placing advertisements.

  • Instagram insights:

Business accounts have an insight feature that allows you to analyze user feedback as follows. With Instagram Insight, you can find out about your followers’ gender, age, location, and more. Also, you can see the summary and detailed data for each post. The following is a list of items that can be confirmed in Insight.

In other words, the Insight feature allows you to see the number status, such as impressions and clicks. Knowing which more users are viewing posts will help you in your marketing.

  1. Search by hashtag:

Instagram does not allow miscellaneous information to flow into the timeline. If you want to find new information, use hashtags. Hashtags themselves are also used on Twitter, but Instagram is even more active in using hashtags, creating a unique culture.

Indeed, it is an excellent feature to an established successful business. It seems that an increasing number of young women are collecting information on food, fashion, and restaurants using Instagram hashtags.

  1. Shopping function:

Instagram added new features to Instagram Business Tools in 2018. It is a shopping function called Shop Now. The shopping function can be expected to have the effect of promoting product purchases.

When you tap the bag icon attached to the posted image, it will display information such as the name and price of the product; if you want to see more, tap [More] to connect to an external site, where you can purchase products. It is an excellent opportunity for companies to sell their product quickly.

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