Top 5 Essential Mods for STARFIELD

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Starfield has just embarked on its Early Access journey, and the modding community is wasting no time in enhancing the experience. Here are the top 5 mods, listed in no particular order, that we believe are essential for beginning your epic adventure within the Constellation. Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

1 – Starfield FSR2 Bridge – Replacing FSR2 with DLSS or XeSS

DLSS and even XeSS should have been included with Starfield at launch. They weren’t so I guess modders are here to the rescue. Easy to install, non-disruptive, and compatible with other mods. Just get it. make sure to enable FSR2 in the game and adjust the render percentage. It then bridges to DLSS or XeSS.

2 – Starfield Performance Optimizations

Starfield is an absolute monster. It even taxes our rig with an RTX 4090 card. Here are several options to help you play smoother, complete with potato mode!

3 – Cleanfield – A No-Intro Videos And Clean Menu Fix

No offense to developers, but we don’t need to be locked into an intro video or logo every time we launch. Also, since this isn’t a live service game, we also don’t need live service-type items that are actually static cluttering our menus. Thank you.


Every modern game needs more HUD options. Modders to the rescue again here with items that should have been included at launch.

5 – Smooth Ship Reticle (120fps Smooth UI)

For some reason, the Ship UI and HUD elements are locked at 30 FPS but the game can run at 60+ FPS on PC. This takes off the cap and delays to make your ship experience much more smooth!

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