Top 5 Games From E3 2018

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is no doubt the most prominent world event as far as the gaming industry is concerned. And this year’s E3 event taking place in Los Angeles, promises lots excitement and jaw-dropping innovations from the most exceptional game developers in the world. It is a crucial time that every game enthusiast would love to test games that look promising. But giving their numbers and time-constraint, concentrating on the best would be a wise decision. So, if you are looking forward to playing exciting games and not test all like you are writing custom research papers, here are top five games from the E3 you should try out.


  1. Nintendo – Super Smash Bro Ultimate and Fortnite Battle Royale

Every game enthusiast knows the worth of Nintendo Switch’s console and how much the company has done to make it one of the best. Nintendo isn’t also resting either. In fact, their latest collection of fantastic games proves they are still very much in business.

Nintendo almost stole the show with their Super Smash Bros Ultimate, a game with new incredible characters. The game is billed to be out in December 2018, and many apparently can’t wait that long going by what they watched and read about the game in the 2018 E8 program.

Fortnite Battle Royale is another game to look forward to and is said to be available at the moment. Another exciting thing is that the latest version is available in mobile, and PC, Xbox One. Unfortunately, the PS4 cross-play isn’t supported.

The E3 2018 version was an interesting one for the likes of Nintendo. And game enthusiasts know what the company can bring to the table regarding creativity and fun. Another game to look forward to is the latest Pokemon Let’s Go. However, Nintendo did not dive into the RPG of Pokemon 2019 version, so one has to wait for them to unveil more details about the game.


  1. Ubisoft – Skull and Bones and Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ubisoft is one of the big names in this year’s E3 program that did not disappoint game lovers. Watching the trailers of their latest games would make anyone want to jump out of their seats without thinking about the consequences.

The new cinematic trailer of Skull and Bones was jaw-dropping. Everything about the game made available was in a stunning way presented and would make any game lover shorten their waiting time if they had the power to make it happen.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was also rolled out by the company, Ubisoft. And one thing that seems to excite game lovers is the return of Jade as the main character. The game looks promising from all indication and is one game enthusiasts should look forward to having on their devices.

Another game that millions of people have been waiting for, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, was also announced at the E3 2018 by Ubisoft. The trailer was no doubt gorgeous, and the game has a release date of October 5.

Doom Eternal

  1. Bethesda – Doom Eternal and Fallout 76

Bethesda didn’t disappoint in their E3 2018 presentation. Rage 2, one of the games to look forward to this year was made known in this year’s program. The Doom Eternal is another game that would keep anyone glued to their device even if there are extreme distractions around. It is a bit dark but looks promising and exciting.

Fallout 76 is also one of the games presented by the company. It has a release date of November 14 and would indeed be one of the games of the year. Fallout 76 is designed to feature multiple players online. But users can play it solo too.

The Elder Scrolls 6, another game from Bethesda is another blockbuster game. The game did not have a release date yet and was shown just to inform fans of something the company is cooking up.  Elder Scrolls: Blades is one of the mobile-friendly games to look forward to and would be launched this year. It features an incredible first-person RPG experience and quality graphics one cannot resist.


  1. EA – FIFA 19 and Madden NFL 19

FIFA 19 from EA Sports is a game that football lovers will be happy to have. The gaming giant never disappoints regarding quality and innovation. Viewers at the E3 expo were thrilled by the trailers and announcements of their franchises. The FIFA 19 has a release date of September 28 which is apparently after the world cup.

Battlefield 5 is also one of the games that look promising. It was presented during the E3 2018 expo and didn’t look bad. Madden NFL 19 an American football is another exciting game that football lovers would be looking forward to having. It is the first time in years we would have something like this on PC.

That said, another game to look forward to is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The original film is fascinating to watch, and the game itself is not far from that.

Just Cause 4

  1. Square Enix

One fantastic thing about this company is that they have not featured in the E3 program for many years. But their games such as Kingdom Hearts 3, Just Cause 4, and a host of others are well recognized in the gaming industry.

However, Babylon’s Fall from Square Enix seems to be an exciting game. It is packed with action and shows the company has something more to offer game lovers in time to come. They have released some games and look set to create even more.


These are the five-game developing companies that made the E3 2018 program more exciting. Some games were presented during the meeting and look promising. If you are looking for games that can keep you engaged for a long time, these are the ones to try out. The majority of them work on PCs, mobile devices, and a host of other devices correctly.

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