Top 5 Games Which Will Really Help Improve Your Life

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 Scientists state the video games relieve stress and contribute to improving focus. We may not notice it, but they positively affect our personalities and lives.  While playing games, a person develops new skills and knowledge, which can be applied further in life. This pleasant and exciting activity brings new experience and shows how to cope with difficulties and hardships of everyday routine.

Either our playlist games or UK Edubirdie won’t let you indifferent. The game as itself cannot change or improve your life. But it can help you develop the necessary skills and discover your strong sides to overcome difficulties in life.

Excited about finding out what are the games that will help improve your life? Playing those 5 games, you will gain essential skills and get valuable lessons.


  1. The Last of Us

This game is putting you inside the story thanks to the high level of realism. The plot depicted is very touching and heart-wrenching, and the attempts of the main characters to catch on to the last chance to survive is something unimaginable. To say ‘The Last of Us’ teaches how to survive is to say nothing. You will face exciting challenges and ordeals, where you will start developing strategies and thinking critically.

The Last of Us lacks gaming cliques. There are no heroes who can win all alone; there is no story that will necessarily end with Happy End, there is nothing that we are accustomed to in average games.

GTA 5 PC Screens

  1. GTA 5

Fans were out of patience waiting for the release of this masterpiece. All imaginable and unimaginable selling records were beaten in the first days of release.

The fourth part was an outstanding one, but the fifth left the previous version far behind. The project depicts the gangsters’ reality, where the world is ruled by bad guys. Your mission is to rise through the ranks of the criminal environment. The place, where people rob and shoot each other, cheat and do illegal businesses teaches you to make the right decision. You learn to predict and analyze the consequences of every action – the skill necessary to improve the current situation in your life.

BioShock Infinite

  1. Bioshock Infinite

This project has everything an engaging game should have. Beautiful and mystical places are combined with enigmatic characters, life stories of whom are connected with each other.

Passing over the plotline, you will begin to understand what are all those characters doing in Columbia and how can they help you reveal the mysteries of flying city.

How can the game change the flow of things in your life? It will teach you to handle every enigma and puzzle you come across. The limits of your understanding will be expanded and you will treat every mystery as a challenge to solve.

Legend of Zelda

  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The Legend of Zelda stands out not only with the thought-out plot but also with outstanding graphics, which is proved to be the best among other projects. Bright sceneries are catching the eye and keep the player engaged. Following the adventures of the boy named Link you turn on your imagination and discover new places in your mind palace.

If video games therapy exists, ‘A Link Between Worlds’ is absolute proof of that. You emerge in dungeons and secret places unlocking new challenges and nourishing your fantasy. The Legend of Zelda will make you forget about troubles and personal problems and help you develop solutions to the toughest issues.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The slasher impressed the audience so much that the developers didn’t receive any complaints even given that they made a number of mistakes in creating the ‘Revengeance.’

Metal Gear Rising is perfect for everyone, who does not like to spend a lot of time developing a strategy of how to carry out this or that combination of punches. The company managed to realize what they had been thinking a long time ago, in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: the unique option of complete freedom of choice for the player. Such an opportunity will be useful for those who hesitate a lot: the outcome depends on your choice and the skill of making a fast and opportune decision will help you overcome your uncertainty!


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