Top 5 Gaming Websites to Check Out 2015

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Top 5 Gaming Websites to Check Out 2015

Gamers are always searching for ways to feed their addiction. There are gaming websites for practically everything. You can find gaming websites that are there to teach you about games, websites to find out about the latest news, and websites where you can play the latest online and mobile games.

Here are our top five picks for gaming websites in 2015.

  1. Big Samo 

We start with Bigsamo where you can actually play games. They feature a range of online and mobile games available from your laptop. You’ll also find some 3D games, for those with more powerful machines. They’re always adding the latest games, so it’s worth checking back on a regular basis.

Take note that some of the newer games may require you to have a more powerful gaming laptop. It’s a common trend with all the newer games these days. We’re in a period of innovation and technological progression.

  1. com 

IGN is always worth visiting because of the sheer size of its database. They always have news about the latest games. What we like about the site, though, is that it holds a database of older games.

For example, if you’re struggling with a game from an older console, you can find user-submitted guides on this website, along with any cheats and exploits to make the experience more fun.

  1. GameSpot 

GameSpot has won our hearts because of its approachable and interactive editorial team. Online you’ll find list-based articles on the newer games to give you everything you need to know about the latest inventions.

Lately, they have featured the new Oculus Rift augmented reality gaming system heavily. They’re amongst the best when it comes to new innovations like this.

  1. GameFAQs 

GameFAQs is all about teaching you how to beat the games. They’re dedicated to providing cheats and exploits, along with mission guides for your favourite games. Like you would expect, their archives date back a number of years, so you can still get help with some of the older games.

Users are also able to submit their own little tidbits to the website. This adds a real sense of community to things.

  1. GameTrailers 

So you’ve got everything to do with online gaming, new games, and how to beat the older games. It’s now time to hone in on where you can see the latest creations on the horizon. GameTrailers is a site dedicated to releasing the big trailers. Now you can see the latest games up close and personal.

We’ve tried to add a mix of gaming websites to this list. Whilst there are literally hundreds in every sub-niche of gaming, we’ve picked what we believe are the best ones. Add these to your bookmarks and you’ll be fully equipped to get the latest on the gaming industry.

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