Top 5 Moments Of Usage of Cheats In The Sphere of Professional CSGO Gaming

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There are different situations that people are able to face along with their professional life. In this post, we need to talk about some kind of unfair moments in such a sphere of our life as professional gaming or Esports. All in all, in this modern industry we can speak about very hard competition between professional gamers which they show to us on the global tournaments all over the world. They need to be better than other part of players and professional teams which they meet in the tournaments, so from time to time, they need to use some additional software to feel more comfortable while they are playing matches.

As the tips website page shows to us, there are a lot of different matches on the most different tournaments in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Professional teams need to keep fit and usually, they use some unfair methods to compensate for their lack of skill or increase their winning ability during several moments of the match.

Today we will discuss the most common and famous usages of cheats on the nowadays professional scene of the discipline which is one of the most popular games of all times – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


#5 – Flusha Fnatic

Let`s begin with one of the most scandalous players from the discipline, who knows how to use cheats and how to keep in touch with administrators so as not to get bans on the most global tournaments from all over the world. Flash who is the player of one of the most known teams – Fnatic, was detected as a cheater for a really a lot of time, but still was not banned at all. His plays usually can be observed since 2014 after which professional gamers from different teams and even his own teammates said that he was cheating many times. All in all, we are able to watch a little episode of one of the main tournaments of the CSGO and see the cheats in use. In this episode, Flusha used auto-aim which help him to detect the enemy behind the object and track him while he was running.


#4 – Kjaerbey TeamDignitas

In the fourth place, we are able to see a very famous player from the professional league of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who help to his team win a lot of different tournaments all over the world. All in all, even this player who has a pretty high level of skill and a lot of rewards in his favorite discipline use cheats to play a little bit better and shoot harder on his enemies.

We will see an episode that will help us to see what kind of cheats did Kjaerbey used on the Dreamhack 2016 which is also one of the most important tournaments from all over the discipline which is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We are able to see a kind of cheat that helps his owner to aim the body of the enemy not at his head, but on the bones which you are able to see below on the screenshots. Here we are able to see the “pretty interesting” moves of the marker of the professional gamers which can mean only one – his cross is jumping from the bone to the bone of the model of the man in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Watch it carefully and you will point it, too.


#3 – Bali VP

Here is one of the most popular players of all over the world from the very famous teams who play very well and got a lot of first places on the most different tournaments of the discipline. Byali is a Poland player who is playing in the team which is Virtus pro on the very big tournaments which was ESL Pro League Season 3. Here we can point to the aiming program which he used in this match because of the moment when we can track the shot which was made previous to the aiming on the model of the enemy`s team player who stands after the train. It is a very good moment to analyze because you can imagine a lot of different moments which can be won with these programs in an unfair way. All in all, we need to fight with it by tracking such moments in the tournaments.


#2 – Byali VP

Another play from this person can be tracked on the less global tournament against the team which is Tempo Storm which is now cold Immortals. Here we are able to see the move of the marker to the further enemy who stands in the tunnel on the right side of the Byali. It is a very interesting moment because we are able to mention that his cross moves to the next enemy in the time of shooting on other players who were the second enemy after the first headshot which he did. All in all, there are a lot of other moments which will give you deeper information about the cheating of this person in the most playable game – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are different kinds of cheating which we can track on the most global tournaments of the world and it is a really big problem of all games which were created and will be created in some years.


#1 –ShoxieJesus[A] Envyu

On the top of the ladder of cheating moments on the most global tournaments which were tracked not by administrators of the tournament, but by the other part of a community which includes different professional gamers from all over the world and usual gamers who has good reaction and understanding of fair play which we usually are able to see in the game. Even if we have troubles with demos of the Valve company which we can get out of the game, we can point some pretty interesting question that makes us really sad about the professional gaming sphere and the current situation which professional players facing now because of the usage of cheats by the most skilled players.

In this demo version of the match which was on the tournament such as ESL Pro League Season 1. Here, Shoxie which is one of the best players in this discipline used cheats to track the enemy and be ready to shoot him after he will come out of the tunnel. All in all, we saw shaking of the cross which is an effect of the usage of cheat which is connected with aiming the bones of the enemy and helping to detect persons behind walls and objects at all. It helps him to track the enemy who was coming in the door, but still, he was killed. It is a pretty funny moment because not always cheats are saving a life.

There can be different circumstances that professional gamers are able to face in their life. Moreover in the tournaments which they want to win and become a very famous team which will lead the ladder and the country in the sphere of the Esports to the top, but we need to play fair to be able to show our skill, but not our soft.

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