Top 5 Online Fax Services in 2020

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Faxing is an old but gold technique of delivering official documents throughout the world. Even though fax originated long ago, yet it still has its place in the hearts of people like you and us. And yet, faxing is considered as the most preferred and secure medium for transferring files globally as well as internationally.

However, many people still love faxing but refrain from using faxes to deliver archives due to the thought of big faxing machines and all the hassle of paper and toner, etc. When this problem arose, the technology specialists decided to change the method of faxing a little bit and bring in new alternatives for huge and troublesome fax machines.

So now, many new ways of faxing have been innovated with which there is no need for troublesome things like fax machines and telephone cables. These new ways have given a new meaning to faxing. Faxing has gone from being a difficult task to the most convenient and easy work ever.

With these new ways, you can now easily transfer your faxes through the internet. You don’t need to worry about the question ‘how?’ as we are going to explain each and everything you need to know about online faxing. Not only this, we will additionally tell you about five different online faxing solutions, starting from the best.

Part 1: CocoFax – The Finest Fax Service in the faxing arena

For the very first and best solution, we have CocoFax, the highest and finest quality online fax service that allows you to fax to anyone in the world without any trouble. CocoFax is not just an online fax service, it is a complete faxing package that lets you fax through any device and from any place in the whole wide world.

When talking about its reputation, it can be seen that CocoFax is quite well-reputed from the fact that it has received appraisal from some top media agencies like Fobes, PCMag, the New York Times and PC World, etc.

As we told you above, CocoFax lets you fax from any device or gadget of your choice, be it a computer, laptop or even smartphones. Yes, CocoFax allows you to fax through your mobile phones too. You just need an internet connection for the purpose and then you’re ready to go.

Why CocoFax tops the list?

There are innumerable reasons so as to why CocoFax is the only one capable of having the first place in the arena of online fax services. But we do not want to tire you out so we will mention only some of the major and top advantages that let CocoFax stand out from its competitors.

  1.   30 Day Free Trial

When you are signing-up with CocoFax, you get an amazing service of 30 day free trial with which you can make use of its excellent services without paying a cent for a whole month. This way, you get to know its services quite well and hence it also helps to let you choose the most suitable fax service for yourself.

  1.   Free and Custom Fax Number

A fax number is necessary whether you are faxing from a fax machine or you are using an online fax service. Where many other fax services make you pay for getting a fax number, CocoFax makes it really easy for you by allotting a free fax number to each one of its users. To top it off, this free fax number is custom-built, that is you can make a fax number for yourself without any hassle.

But keep in mind that this fax number is free of cost for just a month. If you want to use it permanently, then you must choose the right subscription plan.

  1.   Safe and Secure

For CocoFax, the security and safety of its client’s data is the number one preference. So no compromise is made here. CocoFax is the most secure and reliable fax service all around the planet. So you can use it without any problem.

  1.   24/7 Customer Care

Unlike all other fax services, CocoFax takes care of its clients really well. It has appointed a dedicated team that works to answer all of the customers’ queries and clients in an efficient way. This way, users are satisfied and keep on using CocoFax with ease and convenience. They know that if they have any faxing problem they can contact CocoFax customer care and get all of the problems solved.

Well, these are only a handful of features incorporated by CocoFax. You will get to know all about it once you start using it.

Part 2: RingCentral

Another fax service that offers quality faxing services is RingCentral and that is why it occupies second place in our listing. Although it is not as efficient as CocoFax, it is still the second-best choice that you can have if you are thinking about faxing.

RingCentral is a fine faxing service that allows you to fax from any gadget that you use. You can fax to any place in the world, locally as well as internationally.

RingCentral is the best choice if you have any problem with CocoFax(which you definitely won’t have).

Part 3: FaxFile

FaxFile is an Android fax application that grants you to simply send a fax. You can’t use FaxFile to get faxes, so you ought to recall this before you begin utilizing FaxFile.

With respect to sending faxes, FaxFile offers you various features to send faxes locally and all around. You can’t send faxes on the web or through email if you use FaxFile. Further, in order to use FaxFile, you need to purchase fax credits through Google play.

FaxFile doesn’t offer you a month-to-month participation plan. This makes it costly to utilize. Right when you are sending numerous faxes, each fax sent is counted as multiple faxes. Thus, a huge amount of tax credits are used. Along these lines, it is excessively costly than CocoFax.

Part 4: Fax. plus

Fax. plus is another fax service that allows you to send as well as get faxes from around the world using the fax number they provide you with. But no fax service can reach CocoFax’s incredible features. Fax. plus too is not able to provide custom-made fax numbers as CocoFax provides.

After you successfully subscribe to any subscription plan offered by Fax. plus, you can make use of email faxing features provided by Fax. plus. This way, you can use your regular email to transfer your faxes.

Part 5: Faxburner

Faxburner is a hunky-dory fax service. But this fax service is not for regular fax users because it is not that effective. This fax service is ok for faxing once or twice but not on a regular basis.

With Faxburner, you get a fax number that is only applicable for one day. This is a negative point because this is not suitable for big firms and organizations who need to have a permanent fax number.


Now that you are well aware of different faxing services, you must choose the most suitable one for you. We would suggest CocoFax because it has everything that one would need to deliver faxes. Hence you must check it out first after which you won’t be needing any other fax services.

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