Top 5 OSRS Fishing Money Making Methods

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Fishing has quite a few good money makers at the higher levels and is all quite afk. Fish (and other sea creatures) are always in high demand for use in Cooking, and thus, food for combat.

Unless otherwise noted all methods assume the use of the best possible fishing gear for your level. If you would rather just purchase your OSRS Gold rather than grinding for it that is also an option!


Catching Sharks

You can start catching sharks from level 76 fishing, but you will need 90+ to reach the highest gp rates. A barb-tail harpoon is required and, if choosing to catch sharks at Jatizso, partial progression through the Fremenick Isles quest is also required. You can either catch sharks at the Jatizso docks (talk to Mord Gunnars at the north-east docks of Rellekka to travel there) or at the fishing guild, located north of East Ardougne. You can earn around 100k gp/hr and gain 12k xp/hr.


Catching Anglerfish

You can fish anglerfish off the beach shore of the main Piscarilius docks. You will require 100% Piscarilius favour to fish here and 82+ fishing (although 90+ is recommended). You will also need a rod and sandworms as bait, which can be purchased from the Grand Exchange or Tynan’s Fishing Supplies, located near the docks. To get the highest rates of around 242k gp/hr you will need have equipped any of Rada’s blessing (given as a reward for completion of each set of tasks in the Kourend and Kebos diary). The xp/hr rates are similar to sharks at around 12k xp/hr.


Catching Sacred Eels

For this method you will need 87+ fishing and 72+ cooking (although much higher is recommended for both). Completion of the Regicide quest is needed and you must speak to High Priestess ZulHarcinqa to being catching the eels. Items required are: fishing rod (pearl fishing rod recommended), fishing bait and a knife. To earn around 340k an hour you should use a knife on the caught eel to dissect it (giving cooking experience), resulting in between 3 to 9 zulrah scales which can then be sold. The scales are stackable so this cuts out the banking process. At the fastest speeds 21k fishing xp/hr is achievable.


Catching Dark Crabs

The following is required for catching dark crabs; 85+ fishing, a lobster pot, dark fishing bait, some gold to note the dark crabs (15’400 per hour will be used), some defensive gear, a slash weapon to cut web on the way to the Edgeville lever and some food or other items to heal yourself like Saradomin brews are also recommended. To get the highest catch and gp rates you should have completed the wilderness elite diary. The dark crabs are located in the resource area of the wilderness, accesible from the Edgeville lever teleport. This method is quite afk in theory but because it takes place in the wilderness you should be aware of Pkers. Once you have a full inventory of dark crabs go to Piles, located in the resource area, and note them at a cost of 50 gp per item. This method will earn around 356k gp/hr.


Catching Minnows

From level 82 fishing you can catch minnows, earning up to 500k gp/hr with experience rates of up to 39k xp/hr. The Anglers outfit is required to access the minnows fishing area of the Fishing Guild. Just show Kylie Minnow that you have it to gain access. You will also need a small fishing net. The minnows move around every 15 seconds making this not as afk as previous methods, however because they stack into one inventory space you don’t have to go to a bank until you are finished. In order to monetise the minnows you will need to sell them to Kylie Minnow who will buy them at a rate of 40 minnows for one rare shark. Once again, Rada’s blessing will improve gp rates for this method.

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