Top 5 Sports-Related YouTube Channels

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Whatever your sporting tastes, you’ll find anything you like on the vast expanse of YouTube and if you’re a sports fan we have some good news for you. There are so many sports channels out there today that you might have trouble finding ones that are actually worth watching.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best sports channels to find out the latest news from the world of sport, interesting facts about athletes, or even betting strategies at casinos not on Gamstop.



BBallBreakdown is one of the best channels for in-depth, strategy-focused discussion of basketball. The channel’s lead coach and author Nick explores a host of relevant and controversial topics. In one video, he explores why the 2017-2018 Oklahoma City Thunder – fresh off a trade for star players Paul George and Carmelo Anthony – struggled to succeed despite three stars (hint: Carmelo set weak screens and took a bunch of terrible shots). Coach Nick makes extensive use of snippets of other videos to back up his arguments so viewers can see what he’s describing in real-time. The channel is also a good place to explore basketball history, with interviews with NBA legends and short videos of important events and players from long ago.


Joseph Vincent

Joseph Vincent makes “mini-documentaries” about various athletes, cutting and pasting together various snippets of archive footage and audio to create great short films. For example, his video, Dawn of the GOAT, combines footage and commentary from Tom Brady’s college career, when Brady had to work his way up the depth chart at Michigan to become the starting quarterback, in passing to reflect competition from younger athlete Drew Henson. It’s enough to make even an ardent Patriots hater shed a tear, a testament to Vincent’s talent. His documentaries cover many sports and eras, including basketball, football, and even the Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier fight in Manila.


Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is one of the many sports websites gaining popularity over the past decade. It produces a lot of video content, and while the quality varies, some of it is pretty good. B/R covers all the major sports, and viewers will find highlights from basketball, football, football and other sports with minimal editing (no obnoxious soundtracks here). Fans can also find Simms & Lefkoe podcast videos on B/R, but the gem is undoubtedly Game of Zones, an animated series combining NBA season news with Game of Thrones. After five seasons, it’s hilarious entertainment even for casual basketball fans, and since the drama in the NBA never wanes, the writers probably won’t run out of material anytime soon.



Although ESPN has stumbled a few times as audiences have increasingly drifted away from cable television to online entertainment, the sports network remains a titan in the industry and home to some outstanding sports media talent. As well as highlights from various major league sports, ESPN includes clips from Stephen A. Smith, The Jump with Rachel Nichols, and others.


The Ringer

The Ringer channel, founded by former ESPN writer and famous Boston sports “homer” Bill Simmons, is dedicated to covering both sports and pop culture. The channel also produces a large number of videos and podcasts, which are conveniently hosted on The Ringer’s YouTube channel. Sports fans will find plenty of videos, including video analysis of specific basketball players, humorous explanations of many NFL concepts, and “table reads” in which professional athletes recreate scenes from famous movies.


The bottom line

YouTube is the best friend of the digitally-minded sports fan. From giant networks like ESPN to superstar athletes and niche scouting services, to casual fans with hilarious views, there are plenty of sports content creators, and YouTube is their Mecca.

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