Top 5 Sports Video Games 2019

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As time goes by, a myriad of changes is witnessed in the technological realm. Among the fields most impacted by these changes is the gaming arena. Having amassed a considerable fan base, gaming ranks among the most ventured area among various entertainment forums.

To help you update your glossary, we spent a substantial amount of time to gauge various sports games in 2019 and determine those that are worth looking at. While at it, consider engaging the Palmares Golf Course for matters including but not limited to sports travel, thus enriching your travel adventures.

Rocket League

1. Rocket league

Among the significant sources of stress in online gaming, the arena is having to select between racing and sports games. As such, rocket league deserves a place on the bucket list of the gamers that hold both racing and football dear.

Having infused the concept of racing to football, the game allows you to immerse yourself into both worlds, thus giving you the most satisfaction. Even more, the gameplay for rocket leagues is simple; therefore takes little time to familiarize yourself with the game and acquire your spot in the ranking among other players in the arena.

However, what makes the game even more thrilling is the ability to split the screen during gameplay, thus bettering the quality of multiplayer games.

fifa 20

2. FIFA 20

FIFA ranks not only among the most played games on various platforms but also among the games that have earned a spot in the market and conquered the footballing realm. As is customary with the game, FIFA 20 has proven more realistic and fun as compared to its previously released counterparts.

Even better, the street football story offers a better challenge as opposed to previously existing story modes. Also, elite players are easier to access in FIFA 20, thus making the online arena fairer depending on one’s skill level.

NBA 2K20

3. NBA 2k20

Like the former, basketball also ranks among the most sought-after sports video games on multiple gaming arenas. However, the NBA 2k19 ranks among the quality video games as far as basketball is concerned.

Developed by visual concepts, the NBA 2k20 is the successor of NBA 2k19 featuring updated squads and authentic CBA commentary. Also, the WNBA is featured in this series, thus giving you a more extensive range of options to manage and more arenas to battle.

Additionally, the NBA 2k20 also unleashes new moves hence giving you a chance to enhance your skills and dominate your opponents on both multiplayer and one on one challenges. Like the former, the graphics and gameplay of this game are outstanding hence an ideal investment for any gamer.

Golf with friends

4. Golf with friends

While golfing enthusiasts would love to hit the golf course every-now-and-then, many are limited by their tight schedules, thus have to deny themselves the experience. With golf with your friends, however, you can enjoy the intricacies of the sport from the comfort of your home and engage your friends in various challenges.

While graphics are a bit basic, golf with friends offers realistic gameplay hence ranking among the best videogames of 2019. What separates this from its counterparts, however, is the sensitive controls, which make it hard for gurus to put the balls in holes, thus leveling the ground and making multiplayer games more fun.


5. Asphalt

The racing niche is not only the most competitive field but also among the most engaging games in the online arena. Among the many racing games, however, asphalt sits on the top pedestal. Besides boasting of excellent graphics, the game has a quality story mode with numerous tracks to conquer and a wide variety of car models.

What makes it even more enthralling is the ability to create squads with which you can overcome milestones and access higher-level challenges.

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